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Planz' sort-of-intro

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Hey guys,
So I've been playing Imperial Gaming for a little over 2 months now, In that short time I managed to make it into Jump Troopers and rise through the ranks to Master Sergeant. After some complications with my Commander he was forced to go inactive.
I applied for the commander position in a unique commander application form that didn't require me to donate. I submitted my application and to my surprise I was accepted and promoted to Captain by Stevo. and Hornet. I then managed to get 2 more promotions until where I am today as Lieutenant Colonel of Jump Troopers.

Back in my first day I joined the server because my friends recommended me to it, Thanks @Brass @Rike @YaBoiSwift

I wanted to learn how to 'role play' but couldn't understand the concept and I was basically the biggest minge... doing things like binding a key so when I bowed it said "Disrespects you and spits on you're shoes" and then going up to Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine and pressing the bind.
I also casually asked a bounty hunter in front of a bunch of high up imperials if I could place a hit on myself and got sent to the interrogation room for 40-50 minutes. Once I got into the regiment I started to take things a little more seriously trying to impress my commander for a promotion, still doing things here and there like getting arrested and DC'ing in cuffs. Resulting in a 2 day Ban. However once I got gifted the rank of Captain I took my role a lot more seriously and focused on making myself well known as a good friend and role-player rather than a minge...

I have discovered it is quite hard being a commander and have gained a deep respect for other commanders and there hard work in managing a regiment.
but I strive to continue to revive the Jump Troopers constantly looking for ways to improve the regiment

Anyways I've dragged on a lot, but I feel so accepted and at home at this community and love talking to everyone about the ship.
I'm not too active on the forums but will try to improve on that.
Look forward to seeing everyone around the ship and having good chats and experiencing role-play with people

Cheers, Planz
Have a Good One All! :D 

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1 hour ago, Planz said:

Back in my first day I joined the server because my friends recommended me to it

Aww no special mention? Ouch ?

jk, good to see an intro.


maybe I should do one ?

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