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Well, never would of thought that Id be back here again but I am. Ive got a lot of explaining to do, but dont really feel like doing it. I know a few people in this community I had beef with back in the day, but Im coming back as a more mature person and just looking to make SCAR, the best regiment like the good ole days. Just want to thank those that have welcomed me back so far. I know some won't be too happy that Im back but that is understandable. Im keeping the past where it is, and opening a new chapter. Im not looking to go into staff or the EM team, nor would I even get it. I lost a lot of trust, I realise, but Im just going to have to work my way back in and show everyone that Im here to stay as a SCAR OG. Feel free to add me on steam if you want to talk about anything. Most I still have added anyways. I hope to get PAC so I can bring back the good ole Kreel, Misty, Cav, Aero, and a couple other SCAR PACs. But yea. Im Back...


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