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Nova Skin Change


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Alright, I was meaning I was not going to comment anymore to keep the thread clear of spam not because I was backing down to you. Wow calm down big man with your hours, I may not know alot but I know

Hello just wanna add my two cents here   During my time as storm commandos they used to run with the wester and this gun especially to me was GOD TIER The pinpoint accuracy followed by

Alright, so I'm going to sort this out right here, right now. People keep thinking that I have a say when it comes to management decisions like loadouts and what jobs a regiment can be changed to and

Honestly nothing is going to happen from this now, it's turned into jabs back and forth at people. Please be more sensible about what opinions people have, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nobody can ever argue that fact.

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What makes a regiment is the commander and the players inside it, if you are having trouble recruiting players into the regiment it is not just the models, it comes down to the core of the Regiment which is the Commander and players inside it. A commander must have the ability to lead and must be on a very friendly terms with his/her troopers, for example if you are friends with your troopers and do stuff with them outside Garry's Mod such as other games then your regiment will thrive, being a commander is not just about having cool guns or skins its about how friendly and outgoing you are and are understanding that starting a regiment is like starting a new group of friend, without that the regiment will fail. 

With this in mind Nova Troopers are fine the way they are currently with load out and models, which means there is no reason or need to change them, it is more I want this and that as reading through the comments it kept changing such as well not this weapon why not this etc. there was no actual dedicated thought gone into what does nova actually need, all it was what do I want for nova. However thank you for the suggestion but sadly it is a no. 

On a side note, while reading through comments I am pretty disgusted at what i saw, everyone has a right to an opinion and seems people do not respect that, remember at IG we thrive to bring friendliness and a place where games feel safe to express themselves, which is why we use the Motto your second home. please be respectful at all times to other players and have some thought before commenting. 



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