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Some of you may know the resignation post I put up last week I think and how I said I wasn't leaving the community.


Well yeah...


So this is my formal goodbye, no longer really have an interest in Gmod anymore, but will still stick around on the forums and probably become a forum warrior or something. But yeah just about a year and a bit over I first joined I am leaving, and probably not coming back anytime soon. 

A formal thank you to the next few people:

@Qtekseven though you don't play anymore, thanks for all those times in Navy

@Codythanks for all those 'scary' times in Navy, lucky I'm away from those moments *phew*

@WhiteyA few things, being a great Grand Moff, making me apart of the Imperium fragrance project, being an awesome Community Manager and a great person to talk to. Thanks for everything

@Jman1308You know I was better! Thanks for being a great friend.

@KatelynThanks for putting up for my antics in Inferno for months on end and thanks for giving me a good time in it. This probably isn't goodbye to you though ;)

@RallaYou were an awesome friend to have in Inferno, and a great person to work alongside with love you Ralla

@Lincoln Turn me up on Teamspeak finally! Geez! But apart from that thanks for being a good friend to have

@Uncle_BobbyBYou are still one of the nicest people I have met, good luck Bob, at least you have access to PAC now haha


@PeguinThanks for being a nice guy to tak to 

@RamirezYou gave me an awesome time in Engineers! Thanks for everything Ramirez! I will always remember that night while you were building shadow bunks, good times.

And Finally,

@Morganbloody american. Thanks for always being there whether it was to have a chat, to meme with, to minge with (Shh), to complain to, just overall thanks for everything my good friend. I will talk to your sister again, I promise!

@EmeraldCannot list how much I will miss you bud. One of my longest friends on IG, and one of the best as well. You were great to do anything with, always fun and exciting, and even more that you have a mic! 

people i missed who aren't really worth mentioning but ill do it anyway:

@Carnifexminge and anime friend, love you, but not that much :P


If I missed someone, I am sorry but these are the only people that came to my mind. 

As I said above I have uninstalled Garry's Mod, my 3-year journey on it coming to an end, and my SWRP adventure also ending, from the days back on Poseidon to now, it has been a blast.


Here is my steam profile link if you want to add me, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198287981359/, I play a bit of CSGO but mostly mess around in discord now.

Final Regards,



PS: This is also my resignation from Media Team.



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what are you still doing!!?!?!

why didnt you mention me (angryface)

34 minutes ago, pinejack said:

+1 didn’t mention me so he deserves to leave ;)

this^^ (angryface) (angryface)

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That was a really good night, things like that made me come back. Hopefully the same goes for you ;). You were a great Engineer, probably the best I had. At least you’ll be sticking around on the forums. Anyway bye for now, thanks for being a great friend. 

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