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So I Played CS:GO with Welshy

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I played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Welshy tonight and I'd just like to say he's the most mechanically skilled player I've ever played with, he understands techniques, knowledge and game sense never before seen in the game and will be picked up by a Pro Team soon, surely. Some examples of this was his brilliant idea to rush A Long with the P90 every round when on CT, catching the T's off guard he continued his onslaught by doing the exact same thing, but doing it on A Short, or B tunnels.

I just wanted you all to know how insanely good he is, and that he is so above par with everybody else, chances are they'll make him play 1v5's at tournaments due to his pure and utter sheer skill in this beautiful game.




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7 hours ago, Welshy said:

It works, only issue is side effects of being a Russian 

Next step to improvement is to play Hard Bass at the same time as rushing, through your mic of course, and then you will be global no doubt

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9 hours ago, Lincoln said:

Did Welshy;

A) Pay you an obscene amount of money to say this

B) Hold you and your family at gunpoint until you made the post

He signed into my forums account, posted it himself.

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