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Steam Details

Steam Name: Polar.exe

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:279914979

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198520095687/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Pac, At the time I was banned.

In Game Rank: Private

In Game Regiment: Storm Troopers.


Ban Details


How long was the ban for: Permanent 

Which staff member banned you: Carnifex

What date did the ban occur: A few months ago cant remember exact date.

What was the reason for the ban: Staff Disrespect and DC to Avoid Staff Sit. 

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned:  I was walking around the Star Destroyer looking for something to do and I had encountered Wolf ingame, Thus I brought up something that may or may not of happened in the pass about a donation fundraiser around Christmas time last year, Me bringing that kind of thing up was wrong of me and I hope you forgive me. 

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe I should be given a second chance because these events all happened in the past and I honestly believe I have changed and I want to come back and prove my self that I can be trusted to be apart of this great server, Over all the hours I have played on Imperial Gaming I think its time to come back and rename my reputation, I hope you understand and forgive me.

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The only way I will talk to management regarding this ban appeal is if you write under community announcements a massive apology to myself and the community then a conversation will happen with managment. 

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