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Bailey's EM Application - 22/08/18

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Steam Name: [IG] Omo

Age: 17

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80514520

In Game Name and Rank: Warrant Officer II 《97-3》Bailey (Chimaera Squad)

Time Played (Server Time):  Playtime Screenshot (Exactly One Week, word is a link.)

Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): I have not had any warns and/or bans.

Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them):

  • Head Event Master / Staff Manager for 6 months - Synthetic Gaming (Server Closed)
  • Event Master for 3 months - Poseidon Servers (Resigned)
  • Head Event Master for 8 months  - Gateway Gaming (Resigned then returned after they asked)
  • Event Master for 4 months - Gateway Gaming (Fully Resigned)


Why are you applying to be an event master: I’m applying to be an Event Master because I love running events, I’ve been running events since Mid-2016 on Synthetic Gaming and have pretty much only ever been in an Event Master role since then, running events near weekly since that time and developing my skills in public speaking and storytelling.

Throughout that time I found a love for events and building stories around Star Wars and Roleplay. It is something that I have always found enjoyable and pride myself on doing well. While I enjoy playing the server normally and being a casual player on the server and allowing myself to be apart of RP and helping it progress from a smaller point of view, I’d like to be able to push as much RP forward on the server as possible using the powers that an Event Master has because I love RP and I know others do as well.

I also like bringing stories that I either write on paper or in my head to life through an Event, in order to hopefully make it enjoyable for people on the server. This fills me with a sense of pride and enjoyment because I know people are having fun and enjoying their time on the server.

I’d also like to be able to bring myself closer to the community, outside of trying to be active on the forums and in-game, as well as speaking to people I’d like to be able to grow my presence within the community and do as much as I can to make people’s time within game as enjoyable as possible when it comes in regards to events.

Overall, I love making events, I love doing PassiveRP, whether or not it's an event, and the reason I want to apply for EM is so I can do more of that and help people progress their stories and their characters further and further until each person feels like they’re their own unique person who has had their highs and their lows in their Imperial career.


What can you bring to the event master team: I personally believe I am one of the most experienced Event Master’s in Australian Star Wars Roleplay behind a few people within the Event Mastering, because as previously stated I’ve been running events since mid-2016 and have run easily over 700 events in that time, as a rough estimation which makes me quite experienced in how to deal with upwards of 60 players at a time all moving in different directions with different objectives in mind.

I also come from a different Community originally where not many Imperial Gaming players played, so I have a fresh aspect and outlook on events when it comes to ideas, how they’re set out and what reactions players may have to the new formula of events. An example of this is how I like to run many events with one long goal and an overarching enemy to fight throughout the entire “campaign” if you will and have the players form an actual bond and a rivalry with the character I make up, in order to really invest people into events.

I am also an avid public speaker, I’ve done debating for five years now and can speak in front of a crowd and makeup bullshit on the spot if need be. This would obviously be good in regards to an event due to briefings and debriefings being in front of 100+ people at any given time as well as have to react to people speaking to you in a fully Roleplay intensive manner.

I am a creative writer, this can be seen through the backstory I put for myself and Alluh in Chimaera Squad, this correlates with events because it means there will be a wider variety of characters brought into events, each with their own backstory and depth to their character that some characters may not have.

PassiveRP is one of my specialties as well, I like making RP for people whether it be a reactor malfunction, a bomb threat, an inspection team coming in and then leaving, no weapons need to be fired, sometimes they may need to be raised as a threat, but, that’s not the main point of the event. Obviously, those examples were also quite basic, I have a few more but I’m going to be using them as my Event Ideas and keeping them to myself because I like to surprise players.

Overall I think with my insane amount of time spent being an Event Master on other server’s and within many different scenarios and gamemodes will help me bring something new to the Event Master team, as well as with my experience in being an Event Master be able to give tips and pointers if people ask for them, and also be taught new things from Event Master’s who have learned in a different way and are more experienced in keeping the people of Imperial Gaming happy and entertained.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: As stated prior to this, I am from a different community and almost a different part of the Star Wars genre, which means I have a fresh outlook on everything and would hopefully put a new spin on the game of being an Event Master.

I also, as stated before again really like to flesh out my character’s, giving them as much of a backstory as possible, making it so they have RP to fall back on when being questioned by ISB, NIA or another group of people.

I’m not saying that my events are going to be completely innovative and insane, something you’ve never ever seen done before because they’re honestly not going to be, there’s only so much you can go in GMod and anyone saying that nowadays is just overcompensating or are too confident in their skills.

I will, however, do my best to put my own spin on events, something you’ve probably already seen, but different in the aspect of that it will be run differently and with a different perspective hopefully.


Do you have basic knowledge of ulx command:  I have full knowledge when it comes to ULX commands, good commands in regards to events are obviously. ULX hp. ULX bring. ULX goto. ULX tp. ULX model. There are obviously others that I have set to binds like, ULX noclip;ULX cloak;ULX god in a simple combination to give the illusion of the command ULX administrate which isn’t on the server. There is also ULX menu that opens up with a bunch of commands, this is where you’d change the map from.

Any other custom ULX commands that IG have, as well as any other commands or binds for Event Master’s, I’m happily willing to learn for the sake of events and simplicity as well as efficiency.


Anything else you would like to add: So ingame my name is Bailey, and I’m apart of Chimaera Squad which should already be obvious because I put all that in my application fields above. However, at the moment I’ve been told by someone that some people’s perceptions of me are one of that of a soft minge and I’d just like to reiterate that that’s not what I’m about, I’m not someone who is always in roleplay because that makes people think that I’m too serious and no fun.

However, when RP comes my way I take it as seriously as I can, hopefully people have noticed this through my comms and how I act in events, an example of this was the other day during Katie’s event I played a PassiveRP role on my own and had to push the event forward using just comms and how I talked.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who’s taken the time out of their day to interact with me ingame, and I’m sorry if I’ve left a negative impression on you, I’m working on it and hopefully we can start clean with a new slate.

Thank you, below are my event ideas and an extra little detail in regards to why the events are written the way they are.


Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible

Both of these events are the start of stories or campaigns that can expand over a few weeks worth of my events until the final ending, they both have (hopefully) unique aspects to them and from the Star Wars Universe.

As you may notice these events don’t have details in regards to models and maps because honestly, I don’t know what maps the server uses (I know obviously gm_spoon, etc.) and the models are also a blur, however, I hope you all can trust that I pick up quickly and given the chance will scan through the content and the models used upon the server, the reason I can’t do that at the moment is because I have a lot of content downloaded due to myself being a Garry’s Mod Content Creator and I don’t know what is on, and what isn’t actually on the server at the moment. The ULX commands are also not included because they are quite obvious and would slow down the flow of the whole Event Idea concept.

The events are all loosely based and are not set in stone, names, models, and characters aren’t set in stone because events never go to plan and people’s ideas and contributions change the Event always, so it must be updatable and adaptable on a whim.


Event Idea 1 - Introduction to Major General Phantom (Note: Name is not set in stone.)

This event is mainly PassiveRP because I’ll need to introduce the character of Major General Phantom and bring him onto the ship in a different way because our SD has a fair few Major General’s and high ranking members already aboard the Star Destroyer.

The Event would start with the Navy picking up a distress signal from a stranded ship nearby. Out of power, the distress signal was powered by something aboard the ship.

Hopefully, the Navy decides to bring the ship in for inspection and to see what it is, as its an Imperial Ship (Maybe a Tie Fighter, Lambda, Dropship, it doesn’t really matter as long as its believable). Bringing it into Main Hangar 1 or 2, upon searching the ship they’d find the lifeless body of the Major General (Myself) and three other Stormtroopers apart of the 107th Stormtrooper Corps. (The 107th are a lore branch of the Stormtrooper Corps especially good at putting down Stormtrooper revolts).

Upon further inspection there are also some metallic cubes that don’t have any obvious openings or relevance to much, they are just on the ship and in our cargo storage bay. They could either be left there or be given to the Engineer’s for inspection, upon analysing the bricks they’d find out they are cubes of Mandalorian Steel, one of the strongest substances in the known Galaxy.

This could then go one of a few ways, they either assume we’re dead and I have to come up with a new way to introduce a new Major General and the SD gets a few cubes of Mandalorian Steel, or they take us to the MedBay and the Medics bring us back for the most part, this would obviously then proceed with Shock grabbing our ID’s and then being taken to ISB HQ for questioning.

Once in ISB, hopefully, our documents would check out as the Major General is supposed to be an Imperial, if not, as I said before, it’ll happen and we’ll be executed or sent to prison. If they decide not to kill me I’d explain what happened.

In regards to what happened, after coming across a pirate freighter, we tractor beamed it aboard our SD and inspected it, finding the cubes and taking them away, unaware of what they were. After taking them away the rebels and the Jedi sprung out of the ship, assaulting and destroying our Star Destroyer. I and my three guards here abandoned ship and took a few of the cubes.

After realising we weren’t going to get anywhere, we turned on a distress beacon as our life support went into emergency mode, then woke up aboard the Star Destroyer.

Hopefully, this story is believable because that’s what happened prior to the Major General’s arrival. After that hopefully, a transfer would be organised and my Event Character would now be integrated into the ship.

From there I would probably do some more PassiveRP, walk around the ship, get acquainted with the new areas and the new personnel I would be working alongside, making sure I can involve as many people in the RP as possible.

I would then go up to the Naval bridge, give them as much information as possible in order to attempt to track the whereabouts of where the Pirate frigate came from, and as to where our Star Destroyer was now and allow them to do some ongoing PassiveRP as well as give an objective to NIA to complete.

Once completed, this event could lead into a few different events that all follow a similar path. Some small summary ideas for events that could follow are below.

  • The Raid and taking back of or destroying my Star Destroyer
  • Finding the pirate frigate and the pirates, taking their Mandalorian Steel and then torturing them in regards to where the rest of it may be, leading into another event about going to get it.
  • Finding the rebel cell that assaulted my SD and tracking them down and destroying them, as well as the Jedi Knight.

These are just some ideas that can come from it, more RP may cause more similar events to process and the campaign to continue up until it’d be hard to follow the same semi-linear story.


Event Idea 2 - A Beacon.

A beacon would come up on the Naval Radar from a nearby planet, quite a strong one, quite unusual for the planet, the planet could be anything, to simplify the Navy RP, whichever one they need. Upon sending down an RP ground team, just Event Character’s to do some RP on top of the ship. The ground team could be a Regiment that volunteers and is found during the event or the 107th my character arrives with.

Once getting down to the ground, they would move to the position of the beacon and not be able to find it, their radars showing them being on top of it. Then they would suddenly begin to lose contact with the Navy and anyone keeping in contact, as losing contact they would comms in about an unseen force, something they couldn’t see, something that blends in with the landscape.

The troopers would be called to briefing and told the situation. “Our recon team have gone to the ground, upon losing contact they reported in seeing nothing, however, were being fired out. We are dealing with an extremely dangerous ground force that knows their surroundings well enough not to be hidden, they also may be abusing some form of cloaking technology.”

Send everyone to MH1, do departures and swap to whatever map suits the event, this can be run on a multitude of maps and is just easy enough to do on many different maps because all it requires is somewhere for someone to set up shop and an area for a ground force, most likely Rebel Marines to hide/set up a base.

Upon landing on the ground, the troopers would set up a 360-degree security prior to moving out and then move out in the direction of the beacon, on arrival they would find the source of the beacon, a shack. Inside would be hiding a small Rodian merchant who isn’t even aware that the beacon is on, having picked it up off a group of fighters for free.

Upon this revelation, the Imperial’s would either believe him or not believe him, arrest him or do what they want with him, upon questioning him the only answers that are truthful are the ones that make him seem not guilty, he really is a merchant and wasn’t aware that the beacon given to him was active and would lead Imperial’s to his location.

After a while, the Rebel Marine’s would begin to show signs of their existence, a small rebel base would be found, inside the bodies of the 107th (or whoever the ground team is) would be found, they could be alive if the medics would like something to do, once found the Rebel Marine’s would assault the Imperial Assault Force.

During the skirmish, the Rebel’s would be using Cloaking technology garnered from a downed Imperial Transport which may or may not have been found by this time in the event. Eventually (hopefully) the Rebels would be killed, captured or escape.

Throughout the event there are two main objectives and three side objectives, they have been stated above, but to make it more simplistic for anyone who doesn’t want to read.

  • Main Objective - Find the beacon.
  • Main Objective - Figure out what attacked the recon team.
  • Side Objective - Investigate the Merchant
  • Side Objective - Find the Imperial Transport
  • Side Objective - Find the troopers who were attacked.

This mission could lead to many different missions and events from my perspective. Some of the ideas are.

  • Finding out where the Rebel’s trained in our cloaking devices, this could either be an Imperial traitor or a Rebel Engineering depot where they worked on reverse-engineering our technology.
  • Finding out what Imperial Transport went down aboard the planet and wasn’t reported, who were they? Where did they come from? Where were they going? Where are all the bodies? Could be that the Transport was stolen, this could be a good PassiveRP event.
  • Find out where this Rebel Cell was from, finding their capital or headquarters and assaulting it using our Assault force, would be a harder assault event because these are Rebel Marine’s who usually fight aboard ships and not on the ground floor.

As I said before, these are just some ideas, not set in stone, but are a good way to add some continuity to my events and give the players a sense of pride when completing different aspects of one story. (Hopefully.)

Thanks for reading, please leave any criticism below and I will hopefully be able to respond to all of it and change my actions according to it or to any other criticisms given to me.


I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.

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One of the most impressive app's I have ever read over.

My overall experiences with you have been extremely pleasant and your credentials and event ideas make you nearly overqualified for this position.

Biggest  +1


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21 hours ago, Omo said:

(Resigned then returned after they asked)

Don't think this is correct young man


wasn't bad at spawning droid back in the day tho, he's a fair dece em tho my storm trooper friends

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22 hours ago, Gregis said:

One of the most impressive app's I have ever read over.

My overall experiences with you have been extremely pleasant and your credentials and event ideas make you nearly overqualified for this position.

Biggest  +1


The fattest +1 for you my friend 

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For real, even though my response may mean nothing. 

Omo's time spent as an Event Master on Gateway (both times) were both great for the players and staff, Omo took the load of other EM's (being able to do so many events, on the spot), made a fun environment for the players with unique and different events every time, I know that man has a vault of dupes stashed that are crazy cool and include a fair amount of player interaction. His skills of knowing how much a gmod can take, spawning NPC's and putting himself in player's shoes for events would always make what he hosted enjoyable; even for someone who personally is sick of events. As I said, being from another community may make my opinion on him worthless to you all, but I've known Omo for about a year and 8 months now and I can vouch that his effort and passion is something any server staff team would want alongside them. 


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2 hours ago, Goliath said:


From personal experience with you you can be rude and can loose your temper.

I'm sorry to hear that our previous interactions may have been negative, I've known you for a while now as we were together within another community and would hope that this isn't the case, however, I'd love if you could Private Message either on the forums, on steam, in-game or on Teamspeak so you can explain what I've done specifically so I can implore to fix that about my character and the way we interact with each other in-game and in OOC. As you may know, my in-game character is quite rude as I have to be the personal guard of the Grand Admiral and I am unable to take chances with his life.

Nonetheless, I hope to hear from you in order for myself to be able to change your opinion in regards to my application.

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