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So yeah as the title states I will be resigning from the Staff Team, just don't have the motivation at the moment to play on the server and moderate after some issues in real life.

Just want to chuck a quick thanks to Whitey for his support and his generosity, you've been a great help.

Also have to thank Wolf quickly otherwise he would complain :P 


But yeah, for all of you guys who are deciding whether to apply or not, just go for it, you'll have an awesome time from the staff meetings when everyone would start accusing each other of crashing the server to the fun moderating and the weekly battles to get the claims

gunjies i am faster than you



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My (second, myself is my favorite) favorite squeaker is gone... papi noooo.

You are my motherland, @Twinkie. When I financially can afford a twinkie bar and eat it, I will be thinking of you.

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