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1 year on Imperial Gaming

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Hello there, my name is Kamelieon and today is a ‘very special day’ for me.


Today marks the day I have played on Imperial Gaming for exactly 1 year and let me add that it has been an amazing year here on my second home, Imperial Gaming. There is no game that has attracted me more than garry’s mod, specifically Imperial Gaming. Over the past year I have had the greatest time due to the immersive role play and the community itself, Imperial gaming has one of the best communities I have ever met. The support from everyone here is amazing and without it the server would be very boring. The roleplay here on IG is at very, very high standards and to be honest when there is events (organised ones) it's just like watching a battle in a Star Wars movie.


I remember the first day joining it was like looking at modern art, I didn't know what was going on at all but everything eventually made sense. If anyone is old then you might remember Storm Trooper Private Epic (or EpicEzale first half of my ST life I had EpicEzale) and I was probably the biggest ST minge at that time but I would like to thank Alex for putting me in line and getting me out of my mingy, I guess habit. Emerald, Iris and Spektrum you’ve all been here since I can remember and you are most of the players I remember the most, I love you guys!


Imperial Gaming has been some much fun and hopefully that will continue for a long, long time. I love the Imperial Gaming community, without it I don’t know what I’d be doing right now.


I do NOT plan on leaving anytime soon and will continue to play till I get bored. 


Also, sorry if I’ve been here too long for you hun.


I still dont know what a pinejack is.

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