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Major Eros Tier 1 Pac Application

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Just now, charles said:

Never mind i just have never seen you on sorry i got confused with you on your comanding officer

@Eros @Whitey

His name is Major Staz from 224th. He is quite active on the server, you've most likely never seen him because he transitioned over to Mud troopers and changed his name when Vector was replaced.

On that note,  +1

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I will be Supporting this Application for the following reasons;

  • Staz has maintained a great standard of maturity in all interactions that I have had with him.
  • The Application itself, is answered sufficiently.
  • The PAC examples presented are quite nice, and further demonstrates Staz's aforementioned sufficiency in his application.
  • Staz's has been very helpful in my time here, and it is clear to see that based on his mannerisms, that he will surely not abuse this privilege.

I believe with PAC 3 added to Staz's arsenal of Role-playing tools, that all parties who interact with Staz will see a great betterment in their Roleplaying ability and enjoy-ability. I believe that he is worthy of having PAC 3, and is bound to make great use of it.

Goodluck, Staz!

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