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Thanking those who deserve it

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I’ll try and make this less cheesy if I can but I just want to thank Wolf,Martibo and Carnifex for setting the Bar last night for what a dedicated and awesome admin should be. After experiencing my worst night on the server I cried out for help and they answered and I just wanted to thank them a lot. Honestly if they whernt there that night I probably would play on the server much or not at all. Those wondering why I was like this (I know I’ll sound like a bitch) I went from a 

sargent in the 31st regiment to Private First Class in a matter of minutes all because of a up tight CO but I cracked when I was treated like a freash spawn .

thanks for reading

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3 hours ago, charles said:

That what these guys are hear to do, Its there role to help and they deserve more then they get. We are lucky to have them so to see thank yous is really good for the server


This, and also, which CO was it? You can PM me if you don't want to say it publicly.

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