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A New Elite Regiment

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3 hours ago, Pluto said:

Yes. Robinson tried to get kreel to have a light sabre which is what he has in lore, but some of the higher ups didn't like the fact a trooper had a saber. Also most of the members including me had PAC so we were able to make our lore models using PAC. 


-1 have a look at the regiments that were added in previously. Example, when mauler added those heavy squad trooper reg. It didn't last long. 

Another one is tank troopers pre sure frank is the only member. 

Also previously served in SCAR alongside Pluto at the same time. The Idea of giving a trooper a saber caused a ton of issues and disputes in the community. This idea brings along with it the issue of regiments being better over all others by default which can cause a fair few issues. If a regiment was to be regarded as "ELITE" it should be earned by the ability of players not the loadouts given to them.


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As many people have pointed out, the regiment you have suggested is LITERALLY just SCAR troopers. A regiment which we already have on the server, and that many before you have tried to turn into Task Force 99.

"Task Force 99, also known as Special Commando Advanced Recon, or shortly as SCAR Squadron" - Wookieepedia Task Force 99

The server implemented Task Force 99 ONCE before in the past...and they were one of the most annoying regiments to deal with.

1. The fact that they had no real models, made them a PAC3 users only club. This made their members INCREDIBLY exclusive. Although, yes, there are player models on the steam workshop, they are TERRIBLE.

2. TF99 is OP. Literally, every member of this regiment would be a walking tank. They wouldn't be anywhere close to fair to have a fight with. 

3. They look too much like ST's. When TF99 existed on IG, i was the CMDR of the ST's. Because every member in TF99 had PAC, they all changed their player models to ST's, sometimes, with minimal changes. I often found my men being confused on who to follow, and when Stevo & I approached their CMDR on the issue, he simply replied "We look like this in lore so we can"...at which point Stevo made the beautiful response of "If you're so concerned about Lore, why don't we make your CMDR a SGT. Those were the simple days...This also brings me onto my next point.

4. HYPER INFLATED EGO. A regiment that is so...special...is going to get a big head. This is what happened with the original TF99, and why i state that they were a pain to work with. Since they were so special. They considered themselves above everyone else, and acted like they were superior to all, no matter their rank. And their leader, would often run around with his lightsaber, acting like the hero of the day.

5. It would be a pain for the dev team. The development team works really hard on this server. Adding this regiment would basically be a big ol, kick in the balls for them, since they would have to create a new class, or even REGIMENT, for each. individual. class. you. have suggested...

If you want more reasons why no one is supportive of TF99, you can dig around on the forums and find quite a few posts of people who had the same idea as you.

In these posts, @Whiteyalready made his intentions VERY clear about adding TF99 to the server, and you can simply scroll through these to see that for yourself.


Another thing that a few people have mentioned.

Making a regiment OP simply because it is 'elite' in lore is a terrible way to approach the creation of a regiment. This just leads to an unfair advantage over other players since the so called 'elite' regiment needs to be given health boosts and better guns simply to cheat them into being better. You don't need this to create an elite regiment.

When i first joined IG way back when as an ST Private, 442nd, was THE elite regiment. They were utilising the tools available to them amazingly, and they were THE regiment to join. Of course, times changed, and their CMDR left. a few years later and, very recently, I just had to disband 442nd again for the 200th time in a row, and they still have the same load out they had all those years ago. A regiment will always be proven, to be elite. Never made to be elite. A good CMDR will work with what he has, and will make his regiment the best damn regiment it can be ONLY with what they have.

Another brilliant example of this is my beloved storm troopers. Yes, they may individually be as weak as Romodi's neck posture, but with their numbers...well...let's just say that 20+ ST's in a firing line all concentrating fire on a single target...it's deadlier then any other regiment i can think of.

Back to the point, adding TF99 wont fix anything, and is just asking for history to repeat itself.

Hope you understand


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My opinion about adding TF99 is that i'd like it, just to replace the fact we no longer have Cinder Squad and the only "real" unique cast of elite troopers would be Inferno, and even then they're exclusive to ISB. However, many of the valid opinions about adding an "E L I T E" Regiment is... euh. I honestly would rather just have SCAR replaced entirely with TF99, due to the fact that we've got about three regiments that already do SCARs job - Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos and RANCOR. Infact, the sole purpose of SCAR almost seems entirely based on the fact that they've got cloak, which while I understand is an appealing aspect to what makes them elite, I've hardly seen SCAR utilize them in an effective and professional manner (I still remember that SCAR Trooper who cloaked into the control room.)

My advice is to just have SCAR replaced with TF-99 as a regiment that has dedicated and specialized units that can be reliably called upon in the circumstances - Imperial Commandos have sort of been doing that in regards of fields of expertise (E.G. Imperial Commandos taking over in the absense of Engineers or 31st.) However, C/IC originally took up the role of that... Until Archer got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and had to disband it. I'm not sure if the same issue would apply to TF-99, but it'd be nice to see a regiment replaced with one that takes up C/ICs flag in its absense. Maybe even keep it? Who knows.

Another thing I need to note regarding this though is the fact that some people decide for custom regiments against lore regiments, E.G. Replacing Incinerator troopers with Vector, is the whole idea of having a custom lore for the regiment. While that's nice and all, I have not seen anything come out of SCAR. Maybe it's a Commander issue, but the quality of SCAR really doesn't give me hopes for something as vast as that.

Just my opinion, eh.

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