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Hello Ricky i your Application is done quite well with lots of nice pacs but theres is some things i recomend changing 

1. Try get some different pacs theres are mostly basic Pac try show somthing special 

2. I have not really seen you around the server, In battles i have seen you only because i came to me when i was screeming Medic (Thanks)

3.  It is saying that in your Screenshot saying you are an RST (Can tell from the name) and you are saying your a IC ingame, Could you please asure this as it can not look good if its taking someones Screenshot (No saying that you are) 

4. The application rules say that you must have one week to apply and from this screenshot its not saying that you have this time, If you had 1 week + before the rest please have a photo of this 

Thank you but it is gonna be a -1 from me


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