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Sal/Niners EM App (wiped from the server redo)

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Steam Name: Sal


Age: 17


Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?: Yes i use mine very frequently because I find it as a great way to communicate and work together with others.


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:77962074


In-game name and rank: Squad 40 Niner


Time Played: 1-week 1-days 2-hrs


Why are you applying for this position?:

Because I want to make it so events are more interesting and different, I am going to try to do events with enemies that are not rebels (used so much). I also want to adjust how enemy force-users attack troopers because they are there to entertain the sith and if the troopers are told not to attack them why should they be allowed to attack troopers. This is only one reason I wish to apply in whole I have plans on how to make events more enjoyable and this will be explained further on.


How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?:

I am ready to assist other Event Masters if they need any help throughout their events. I am also very good under-pressure and am able to adapt quickly so before events If i am able I would give a plan of how it is to be run to another Event Master in the cases that I crash so that the event doesn’t get stopped affecting the immersion of the players. I am able to be active through the weekdays because I don’t have school so I can do events when other EM’s are busy with their school work. I really enjoy playing on the server but have seen the amount of events being hosted drop and wish to assist.


Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: No


Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I have kept a clean track record of 0 warnings, kicks or bans.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?:

I can make events more enjoyable by adding some more passive rp to the events such as having Events where engineers are needed to build devices to get past certain points or lockdown ships so on some events when ships land. I would request for them to be locked down so that they cannot try to escape or if we need to lockdown area’s get them to set up checkpoints or quarantines. This is only one example for one of the regiments. I would also like to involve the pilots a bit better such as if a prisoner has broken out and made it away from the base instead of chasing on foot we would have shuttles sent out with security teams to locate and arrest the target. In conclusion I really want to involve more action into events so we don’t have people like engineers running around shooting during events and actually have them building to assist the troopers.


Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master:

First event

The Unusual Attack (On the base)


7 players

1 force sensitive (Yarak Tarr 40k health, Dual lightsaber, Pulse Cannon, Will submit to capture when at half health)

5 Commando droids (10k health each, E-5’s, Cuff )

1 Mouse Droid (He goes through and opens C hangar doors for the commando droids)

NPC’s will be brought in to assist but not overwhelm troopers.

NPC’s used:

Super Battle Droids

B-1 Battle Droids


Key Choices:

Returning or keeping the Force sensitive

Defense of C-blocks critical points

Defense of the Sith temple



A crazy force sensitive has found our base and decided to avenge his old jedi master. This force sensitive has the ability to construct and control them to do as he wishes. The plan is that he sends basic and super battle droids to attack the troopers front on while he heads to assassinate Grand Inquisitor Barron


The event begins with a CIS ship dropping out of hyperspace the ship has all its power possible focused on the front and lower shields (Basically no blowing it up by shooting). The first wave begins with B1 Battle Droids pushing the troopers back forcing them to the bunks and C-block. After this a shuttle is sent to the sith temple this is the force sensitive who is attempting to cause as much damage to the temple.While this is happening the commando droid squad head to attack key points of the facility. While the battle is happening a mouse droid sneaks through and opens the doors to Hangar C, this is a opening for the Commando droids to drop in and hit the critical points after they have done this they will attempt to take hostages (No sith) and make their way to the badlands to return to the ship. The force sensitive is so joyful killing sith that he starts losing focus on the droids and the attack starts to slow. He is eventually wounded and captured the empire must then decide to let the other hostages die or return the force sensitive. If they let the hostages die the force sensitive is taken to a high security prison. If he is returned however he will be too weak to continue the attack and will prepare for his revenge.



Troopers we have sustained heavy damage to the base but we have held off our attackers. The force sensitive was captured and taken to a highly secured prison/ or escaped because we needed to exchange him for the hostages. We now know about him and his vessel and the engineer will be developing a weapon for his next attack.The regiments that got regimental placings were the ………… If anyone wishes to recommend a Stormtrooper pm me. Debrief is over dismissed.


2nd event

The Shipyard

Planet: Corellia


Models needed (models/starwars/kota_malitia/kota_malitia.mdl)

10 players

8 Rahm Kota’s Militia (A280’s, 8k health)

2 Rahm Kota’s Heavy Militia (Imperial Heavy Repeaters, Riot Shields, 10k health)

NPC’s Rahm Kota’s Militia



Rahm Kota’s Militia have been hitting The Empires critical Location for weeks now and the Grand Moff Tarkin is tired of our efforts to stop them. Finally ISB have gained intel of the next location they are going to attack a Corellian Shipyard so the Grand Moff gives the order to mobilize and secure the area once there they come under a surprize attack someone has tipped them off they kill off the militia and take one prisoner for questioning.


Grand Moff Tarkin has ordered the Fleet to mobilize to the planet of Corellia to protect a vital shipyard from an incoming threat little do they know they have been set up by a traitor in the empire and are heading straight into a trap. Once they arrive they move in to set up defenses but are quickly caught in a surprize attack beginning with a explosion to weaken their forces and then an assault from the militia. Through intense fighting the Militia start losing and begin retreating however some remain to fight to the end once the battle has ended the Empire has taken one prisoner. This prisoner knows who set the empire up and will be taken back for intense torturing. However through his torture they leave to take a break after hours of trying to get the information and the snitch come in and executes the man. This is a massive blow to the Empire seeing that they still have a enemy agent in their army.



Troopers we have lost many men today and the captured rebel died while being tortured we got what little information out of him as we could. The regiments that got regimental placings were the ………… If anyone wishes to recommend a Stormtrooper pm me. Debrief is over dismissed.


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n e u t r a l.

Sorry but I had to change my opinion as I have gotten a better idea of what a good events are. You are a good person in-game, extremely nice and a good roleplayer thus making me give you a Neutral and not a -1.

Edited by Ling Ling

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-1 for events, +1 as a person

> Is a valuble member of IC and is overall a good person, helping in anyway he can.

> Is active

> Likes to use lots of words to fill uo questions that dont need lots of words

>  cool, you did a setup, nice

> A crazy force sensitive has made it into our heavily guarded base... wow.

> Gee wizz. He has the ability to contorl "them". Who the fuck is "Them"?!?

> He sends in CIS droids. Umm, sorry, but arnt they programmed to kill Jedi?

> The jedi goes to kill Barron? Fucking why? Why Barron of all things? What if Barron is not online? What then?

> Why is there CIS ship in rogue one rp? That make zero sense... some droids attack, how unique.

> the jedi ship attacks the temple? Why?

> *POOF* Random Commando droids come out of no where and attack key points of the base! What key points? The reactor? Is the power going to go off?! Woah!


> The commando droids take hostages? Why? They are droids! Why dont they just kill them? The hostages would mean nothing to the droids, plus, i dont think anyone will surrender...

> they destroy key points of the base and gtfo? Why?! WHAT DO THEY WANT AND WHY ARE THEY THERE?!?! Are they just there to fuck things over for a small base in the middle of fucking no where?

> so the droids reatreat, leaving the jedi. Lol, okay.

> He is captured and the empire can Return the force sensitive? The fuck? What does this mean? Why would they return the force user to his droids? Wouldnt he be executed?

>The hostages would mean nothing to the empire.... if the droids took a couple of troopers (Which btw, wouldnt happen) the empire couldn't care less... they could get more troopers.

not going to read the rest of the events because they are nothing original and pretty boring and make no sense..

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-1 Unhelpful points and bad events

1. I'm just gonna say, that's not really a good reason to apply with. Try and think of a better reason, please. You say that is only one reason. Tell us the other reasons as well otherwise why bring it up?

2. Again, not really a good reason. You will be doing this all the time anyway, it's kind of pointless. Why would you crash? Do you have bad internet or something? Ok, being able to play during school hours would be a plus BUT there is the problem that no one is ever really on until after 3:00.

3. Ok.

4. Cool.

5. It is a good thing that you're mentioning PassiveRP during events but yet again, not really a helpful enough point. We sort of already do PassiveRP during events. But that Pilot idea is a little interesting.


Event 1

Why is a CIS Ship there and why does it decide to attack the base? B1 Battle Droids are the worst droids, unless there was a whole lot of them they wouldn't break through our defence. Wouldn't the Sith stop the unidentified shuttle from landing at the temple? And, I'm pretty sure ONE Jedi is not going to do anything to X amount of Sith. And now a random mouse droid starts helping the droids? WHAT?!?! Why would droids take hostages? If anything, they would kill anything on sight immeadiately. "So joyful killing sith" how would he manage to kill so many sith? I doubt the Jedi is that powerful. The "choice" the Empire has to make is stupid. They wouldn't give the Jedi the chance to escape, they would most likely come up with a plan to rescue the hostages and kill the Jedi, and droids.


Event 2

What critical location and why only Kota's Militia? How did these ISB get the intel? Undercover as a high-ranking Rebel/Militia? Who is this traitor? EXPLAIN THESE POINTS! We are going straight into a trap but manage to win. How? Must be one hell of a crappy trap. He knows who set the empire up, but why would he reveal it? He is gonna die regardless and he most likely will know that, IT'S THE EMPIRE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. And another thing, that last part is probably one of the most bullshit things about these events. WHY IN HELL WOULD THEY LEAVE THE PRISONER UNGUARDED FOR ANY REASON?!?! 

These events and answers are pretty bad and need extreme fixing. If you still want to be Event Master, FIX IT PLEASE!

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It had to be re put up because of the forums hack


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