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Do you like Climb SWEP?

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Hey guys, @Alluh and I recently made a Medium difficulty Climb SWEP course in order to improve the skills of the Chimaera Squad Troopers overall, and today I tested it in Main Hangar 1, it was up for about 45 minutes and apart from myself and Alluh, no one else was able to beat it from what I could see. @Auzii got very close but was unable to beat a specific part and Ricky from the Imperial Commando's did quite well too. Even the Emperor came down for a squizz, he did miraculously and used the force to complete the entire course in record time. (@Flipps)

So, in case you weren't on around for it, here's a picture of it, and if you think you can beat it, please give it a shot ingame when it comes around. Chimaera are working on our skills at the moment and plan to hone in our skills in all aspects.



- Bailey/Omo

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3 minutes ago, Goliath said:

Accuse the course of treason and have it executed, then go through it.

It came out of the Grand Moff's budget according to the Emperor tho...you wouldn't wanna get rid of the Grand Moff's stuff tho.

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Oh, how happy the Emperor must have been to see probably another 100 troopers die for not being good at climbswep... 

Fliqqs is probably still having good dreams about this day but on the other hand imagine the engineers who had to scrape the flesh and scrub the blood off the MH1 floor.

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11 minutes ago, pinejack said:

Are those floating props? You must be one of those "false wizards" that used to run around with the clones a few decades ago.


You should of hung every prop using ropes so they could realistically sway and lag out the server for the greater good. All or nothing

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On 8/5/2018 at 9:27 PM, Alluh said:

First person aside from me and Omo to complete this gets a kiss on the head from both of us.

Tell me when you put it up next and ill be there for that prize ;)

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