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Support Model (SCAR)

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Since SCAR now has a support class it would be good to get the Medic model in use (In our addon pack, Custom Imperial Shadow ARC).

I believe using this model would benefit roleplay as the support can stand out in crowds so troopers can instantly rush to him if they are injured.



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6 minutes ago, Ramirez said:

What’s different?

Look at the Skirt.

Also I definitely +1 this because this would suit the regiment very much and maybe even help with recruiting as it gives the regiment something unique. 

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I understand how this can be used but it doesnt make sense for SCAR to have to only custom model for their support class - If troopers are in need of a medic whilst in battle it is pretty hard to miss a white and pink soldier running around to serveral individuals healing them.

Going back to my main point; What makes SCAR more important than all the other regiments allowing them to get a custom model implemented, Most likely you will say “Because it is in lore” but quite frankly (without throwing any shade) before I went of my trip I didnt see any SCAR on for around a week, besides yourself (kamlieon)

I believe if more SCAR Troopers were on instead of just the Lieutenant Colonel it could happen and the model could be coded in but until then I do not believe it is necessary.

(EDIT) It doesn’t stand out in a crowd, It looks the exact same as the other models until you focus on the cape and shoulder pad, Just looking through the comments even Ramirez had to ask what was different.



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