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Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet.

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Description from the Addon Pack: 

Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet

Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet adds a convenient, simple to use serverside tablet weapon that allows users to deploy barricades, fences and other fortification type objects. Perfect for roleplay, sandbox and building gamemodes. It works on singleplayer and multiplayer.

This addon came from an engineering holotablet I (the creator) created for a StarwarsRP server I was developing for, I wanted to add a mode to it to create barricades, but I never got round to it. However, I've decided against that now, so I've made a public fortification builder, with built-in appropriate used models, so the addon is entirely standalone. It works for all gamemodes, including (but not limited to), all sandbox derived gamemodes (DarkRP, Clockwork, Nutscript) and other non-sandbox derived gamemodes.
Is it laggy?

The tablet is designed to be the most convenient for multiplayer, because of this, the hologram/preview of the fortification you are about to build is visible to all players near you. This can cause minor server lag, but this will, like many things, become exponentially larger when multiple people are building fortifications. Simply restrict the number of people allowed to build fortifications, or create a fortification delay or maximum limit via utilising the restriction in the section below.
The fortification models are automatically cached on the client and server, so there shouldn't be any lag spikes when switching between fortifications via your tablet.

Can I restrict the tablet use?

Yes, if you have basic Garry's Mod Lua knowledge you can hook into the system serverside and create conditions for if a barricade is placeable by a player, here is an example.

hook.Add("Alydus.FortificationBuilderTablet.CanBuildFortification", "AnyIdentity", function(ply)
	if not ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
		return false

You could, for example, place this code into a lua file at /lua/autorun/server/fortificationrestrictions.lua(create the folders in that filepath if they don't exist, in the order specified)

How can I add fortifications?

If you would like to add more fortifications to the builder tablet, you can hook into the system serverside, just like you were if you wanted to restrict the tablet. You can specifiy the fortification display name, model, spawn offset and angle offset; which are applied when the fortification is selected, and when created.

Example (don't use this, it is already added):

hook.Call("Alydus.FortificationBuilderTablet.AddFortification", {name = "Police Barricade Triple", model = "models/props_street/police_barricade2.mdl", spawnOffset = Vector(0, 0, 0), angleOffset = Angle(0, 0, 0)})

Replacable code:

hook.Call("Alydus.FortificationBuilderTablet.AddFortification", {name = "BARRICADENAME", model = "BARRICADEMODEL", spawnOffset = Vector(0, 0, 0), angleOffset = Angle(0, 0, 0)})

What does this addon require?

This addon includes everything required for the addon to work correctly, simply add it to your servers workshop collection, or subscribe to it and enable the addon when hosting a singleplayer server. The addon will make users connecting to your server automatically download this addon, so the models won't be errors for them.

This could be given to Engineers for some more RP. However, if management decides, it could go to either heavy or support.

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Just now, Ramirez said:

Only if it was to go to Engineers, as if others were to receive it, that would take away their job. Regardless, Advance Dupes can just be spawned in.


I forgot to include that in my post. 

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While it would do the same job as Advanced dupes..It certain situations it may reduce lag on the server during events due to some of the less experience engineers spawning in "prop heavy" dupes. Advanced dupes would become more situational. It would also assist the new members of the engineer's would haven't mastered advanced dupe/precision/precision/alignment

+1 But only for Engies/Engineer role

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