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Donation Terms and Conditions

Imperial Gaming

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Donation Terms and Conditions

By donating to Imperial Gaming Community you will agree to these terms and conditions set by the Imperial Gaming Community:


1. By donating to this community you agree that the money is non-refundable.

2. We will not aim to remove your privileges unless you have broken the community's rules/terms and conditions.

3. We are able to remove the package you have bought at any time, this includes if you've become inactive, the package will be revoked.

4. We are not obliged to edit/change your class/job/regiment after you donate. Once you donate it is final, you may ask however we are not obliged to do it.

5. Once you donate for a regiment/job you have the ability to switch to another role on the store that is equivalent or lower price than your current one. This period only lasts for 48 hours. Once that period is up you are not allowed to transfer jobs and you require to purchase them.

6. If you donate for a Bounty Hunter Tier you may only switch between Bounty Hunter's within that Tier. This is, however, an exception if you donate for Tier 2 or 3 where you are obliged to switch between Bounty Hunter's within that Tier as well as the one's within the Tier below. You may not switch to a Bounty Hunter that is occupied by another player.

7. Any donations made for the TeamSpeak may only created by a member of Management + Advisors (Teamspeak Admins)

8. Once you donate to Imperial Gaming you accept all donation terms and conditions, as well as having read the appropriate rules & regulations if your donation is a job/regiment.


By donating to Imperial Gaming you accept that any money sent to Imperial Gaming is a donation, not a purchase. You are donating to the server and in return the, the Management Team are thanking you by giving you benefits that may be in game on our Garry's Mod server, Teamspeak 3 or our website. As you are donating to Imperial Gaming, not purchasing goods, the Management Team have no obligation to issue a refund for any reason, although they may choose to do so at their own discretion. Attempting any kind of chargeback/refund, through a bank or PayPal, will result in a permanent community ban from all Imperial Gaming servers. All chargebacks/refunds may be challenged through all official channels.


- Imperial Gaming.

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