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Latency Issues with the Server


Recently when I have been connecting to the server, I have kept spiking up to around 800ms. It then keeps spiking between 32ms and 800ms every 5-10 seconds making me unable to roleplay or even staff the server. I ALSO spike on the Teamspeak server but I spike up to around 1600ms (+/- 700).


This is only on IG because on another GMOD server I play, I am consistently at 34 ms.


Please help.

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1 hour ago, pinejack said:

@Mauler what troubleshooting steps have you tried so far in order to attempt to resolve this issue?

Well, typically I would resolve the issue myself if it were a hardware problem but considering it is a Latency (or Network lag) issue that has faced me with only Imperial Gaming, I have no idea why it is happening or where to start.


I typically use an ethernet cable from my computer to my router so it isn't wifi that is the issue.


I have no ideas.

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