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Bailey and Alluh's Backstory - Chimaera Squad

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This is the backstory for mine @Alluh's characters in Chimaera Squad.


Side note: I was unsure about the word/character limit on the forums, so I wrote it in a Google Document. Its there if anyone wants to read it, its 6000 words long and divided up into a Prologue, Chapter 1-3 and an Epilogue. 

Edit: If anyone wants to see other stuff I've written for other characters on other servers, just DM me, I love sharing.

Edit 2: Gregis asked for a summary, here it is. I still recommend you read the full backstory, it has a lot more detail and I tried to capture the Imperial point-of-view during the Star Wars Universe.

Chapters 1 & 2: (Recruitment and Basic Training)

  • Bailey and Alluh'Yah (Alluh for short) Winto were born on Lysatra.
  • They went to the Academy for Young Imperials under Taskmaster Myles Grint.
  • They set a record for most simulations won as a pair.
  • They were assigned to the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer The Sparrow under Admiral Stephen Palskies due to recognizing their last name and having served with their Uncle during the Clone Wars.

Chapter 3: (The Sparrow)

  • After serving 3 years aboard The Sparrow the brothers were both promoted to Lieutenant.
  • During an assault on the ISD by the Rebels, Admiral Palskies was injured.
  • A small party carried the Admiral towards an escape pod but were trapped by a closed blast door.
  • The party would face certain doom until Chimaera Squad shows up. 97-5 "Jye" leads the assault party from Chimaera Squad.
  • Chimaera Squad escapes from the ISD with the brothers and the Admiral.
  • The brothers are given audience by Grand Admiral Thrawn, he offers them a deal, return to Private and begin training for Chimaera Squad, they accept.
  • They go to the MedBay, Palskies passes away, but before he does, gives them a letter from their Uncle for their Father.

Chapter 4: (Thrawn)

  • The brothers, nearing the end of their training are visited by Colonel Gunjies who hands them a drink each. They pass out.
  • The brothers wake up in a dark room with Thrawn sitting across from them, he hands them a gun each.
  • A light flicks on, illuminating their family members, he tells them "Kill your family or leave."
  • They proceed to pull the trigger, the guns are empty.
  • They are given a few moments to speak to their family, handing their Father the letter from their Uncle.
  • They are taken away, end up in a room with the rest of Chimaera Squad were they finally get their armour.


There's a brief summary of the 6000 word story about myself and Alluh. Thanks for reading :)

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1 hour ago, pinejack said:


Good Job! 

Next stop writing team amirite?

1 hour ago, StaunchBasil said:

You made gunjies sound like hes actually cool.

Very well written i must say.

Everyone is cooler in stories, even Jye. Jye woulda ran up and said "Wassup pussies, come with us." smh.

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