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Billy's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application


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Steam Details
Steam Name: [IG] Tricky Ricky
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:48334916
In Game Details
In Game Name:  Billy 
In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel 
In Game Regiment: Nova
Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 5 days post update 2 1/2 days before update. Total 7 1/2 Days 
PAC3 Questions
Have you used PAC Before: Yes.
Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I should be trusted with pac because I am committed to the sever and  would not risk a bad reputation in my position as Commander of Nova.  As of right now (as evidence of this) I have 0 bans and 0 warns.  Furthermore I will use PAC effectively and incorporate it into RP realistically. Additionally I am quite aware that pac abuse is very obvious and can be easily picked up and dealt with by our Moderators. 
Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I would like access to PAC so I can create a character I can play that Is more customised, so I can improve my experience on IG. Additionally, Nova currently has limited body group options and PAC will allow me to be better differentiated from my troopers. I believe PAC 3 can improve everybody's RP experience by making things like edited player models, Poses eg: like crossed arms , creating events like creating a comms hologram.
Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I am an active and dedicated player. I will make creations that make everyones RP experience better. I continuously strive to improve myself and my regiment in everything that I do on the server. 
PAC3 Examples:
Put on and remove helmet bind ?  And bellow  a bound corssing arms.
Just a white verion of Nova to help stand out perhaps.
A slightly altered Nova trooper.
Remove helmet bound
Robot forearm.
Edited weapon stance.
Thank you for taking the time to read my PAC 3 Tier 1 Application.
Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 
Edited by Bob Ross
Additon/ Spelling
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