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DEVELOPMENT - Changelog - 31/07/2018

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Added Content

  • F2 Menu
    • Player Search - Search players with ease without having to manually search through players when our server is busy
      • Speeds up support times
      • Speed up event and job changes
      • hecClC5.png
  • Command
    • chat - !ocomms - If you're an officer and depending on your rank you'll be able to access this fancy comms
    • console - moose_muteships 1 - to mute vehicle sounds

Updated Content

  • F2 Menu
    • Brand New Look - I've made a fancier better F2 menu that caters to the Star-Wars theme, it's more efficient and fixes some of the previous bugs. We look to further improve this menu in the coming weeks
  • AOS Menu
    • If you are AOS'd this status will replace your clearance level with an AOS prefix
      • Stops you from being able to access keycard scanners
      • Shock can ask you to present your ID and if it says AOS they are obliged to arrest you on sight
      • EBWITX4.png

Bugs Fixed

  • AOS Menu - Error that would spit out when someone that was AOS'd disconnected from the server

Upcoming Content

  • Pilot License menu
    • Adding more Pilot licenses and ability to have multiple pilot licenses
    • Pilot license level will show on your keycards
  • Scoreboard Revamp
    • I'm going to be making a new scoreboard with a fresh look
    • In addition, Local server time and current staff online will also be displayed
  • F2 Menu
    • Users will be granted the ability to access the home portion of the menu
      • Will be able to modify server settings with toggleable boxes some ideas we had are;
        • AOS Menu button if you have access
        • Pilot Menu button if you have access
        • Toggleable box for Vehicle sounds
        • Slider for clientside pac distance

Special Mentions

@Moose - Always here to help fix / solve issues we have and for his continuing support with the servers development.

New Menu - Designed by Martibo


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