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Peter's SWRP Break

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Hello friends, The names Peter.

I am sad to say that I will be taking a necessary break for the time being in which I will be on for about 2 hours a day (or not on at all).

I wasn't going to explain why but I changed my mind.

My wife was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast cancer earlier today, and most of my time will be spent with her.

I'm sorry to say that I won't be myself for a while and I hope you understand.


Sincerely Peter ❤️ 

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Good news,

My wife just got back from a specialist who said that there is an extremely high chance that she will make a full recovery :) 

Thanks for the support, me and my wife appreciate it so much.


Sincerely Peter ❤️ 

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As much as I hate you Peter hearing this really makes me sad and I can totally understand. Take your time and use spent time with your wife like never before. Best wishes bud.


Take care,


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