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Competition Time


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So recently I had a small break, During this break I had an Idea.

I constantly hear the claim "I am the best at Climb Swep on the server." Or something along the lines of this. I by nature, am i very analytical person, and I love learning new information and facts. So i thought it was about time i learnt a new fact. Who is the best at Climb swep on the server. So with this new curiosity in mind I started to plan. I designed a quite large Climb swep course (see below). This will/can be RP'ed as a Training Session Hosted by the engineer's open to all Troopers/Regiments/Sith.


Now here is the plan:

-There will be 3 separate times where I place this down.

-I will announce it through comm's.

-Each person can come all 3 time's But only is allowed to attempt it once each time

-If you take damage or touch the ground, you are out.

-All times will be recorded and the best time will win

-In the event no one makes it (which i doubt) the person who travel's the furthest will win.

-Only climb swep is to be used

So the prize of the server knowing that you are the best, may not be worth all this effort for all of you. So to encourage you, The winner will be receiving the additional prize: I will donate 15$ to the server in their name (Earning you the donor rank).



So this is all purely theoretical at this point, Until i get approval from the appropriate parties but i see no reason for It not to go ahead. Please leave any feedback/suggestions/ideas


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