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Being banned on GAME BASED BUGGING

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I'm writing this report as I am not pleased with the reason of my ban, yes i have killed 4 to 6 people at the spawn but it was not intended as a "hate" or "funny" act. I was simply stuck within around 10 troopers and i had no possible way of escape and an Admin, Thrawn; played the roleplay very well but was not very good at listening to my situation. He banned me based on the kill log and not properly listening to my statement

All i'm asking is that I get unbanned.

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1. Please follow the template.

2. post it in the right section of the forums. You application is not accepted yet.

3. you kill 6 people

4. You could have called an admin but you choose to shoot people in order to get out of it even tho it is against server rules

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