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Arma 3 PMC Milsim Unit for IG?

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I'm basically going to be making a PMC Arma 3 Milsim if you guys are interested, gonna be mostly the same mods as the Arma 3 Star Wars Servers just no star wars mods or maps. With the Addition of a few CUP add-ons to make it feel less vanilla like.

If you're interested and want to join I'll be posting a mod link below shortly, put a +1 in the comments if you want to join.

Serpent Private Military will be run similar to the Star Wars Arma 3 but with a slight change, as missions progress the gear and vehicles available will become better and better and the ranking structure will be as simple as Company Leader, Team Leader(s) and Team Member(s).




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So this will only be run once or twice a week max and won't conflict with the other mil-sim server. In response to it affecting the garrysmod server, most of the people playing will be my friends and or people from the Star Wars Milsim.

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