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Good day ladies and gentlemen renolds here

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Good day to everyone on this lovely community.


While I have been around for a pretty long time I have never properly introduced myself here on the ol forums so here it goes

Greetings and  salutations my name is Renolds and I guess I am abit of a hidden veteran of imperial gaming :)


Started out my humble days as a 442nd trooper serving under the command of the rather strict but reasonable Kassius during my first months on the server before eventually trying out the role of being a sith lord which offered some very interesting situations when it came to proper roleplay but alas wasn't my funnest time.

I eventually decided to take a break from the ol gal of a server and when I returned much had changed so I decided to continue my adventures as an imperial commando with ol mate fox to lead the way those where probably the best times I had on the server but as with all good things fox was promoted and top bloke lime was chosen to take the lead. Shortly afterwards I decided to hook up with the local storm commandos under the command of commander edwards who did an awesome job keeping us in line and active. Eventually the regiment broke up and we all went our seperate ways and me once again took a long vacation from the server up until a few months ago I decided to return to see how the server was doing and shortly afterwards was contacted by the new leader of the storm commandos lieutenant colonel arkan. At first I thought no one would recognise me anymore but the new storm commando boys recognised me pretty quick and asked if I wanted to return back to the storm commandos and my first response was

I thought you would never ask :D

Now I am back as an ol storm commando with top bloke arkan and lime keeping the 501st going strong .

So there you have it folks a little backstory from ol renolds

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