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Hello members of Imperial gaming,

As many of you know I am young 11 to be exact. And recently I have tried out for a reg (I will be keeping the name a secret) when doing it I was going well in my eyes then when it came to be who will be denied or accepted. I was denied but not for any thing i said but my age. I was in the reg when i was 10 with no problem but now I am to young?

I find this very unfair and I want to see  what all of your thoughts are.

Thank you Dracks.

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I do want  to give the Identity away if you really want to know pm me on the form steam or on the server.

3 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

I certainly see no issue with age of course as long as you're mature.

Which commanding officer was this?


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Look, I have to say this is kind of behavior appalling. In fact so appalling that it has the tendency to be classified as cyber-bulling which is a federal law. In the past, I have virtually bitch slapped so many people with a rant about the treatment of underage children within the interwebs. As my boys, Stryker and Anthony, said if this continues I personally urge you to contact administration staff for it to be resolved. I recall Little making a post about bullying will result in a ban but that's kinda redundant. Anyways mate, I'm always here for you.

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The regiment he tried out for was Navy. Navy requires heavy RP. From experiences over the past over a year navy has found that people are best in navy with certain criteria. navy has had a recruitment policy for over 12 months now that anyone under the age of 13 would be denied unless the commandeering officer doing tryouts felt they do have the maturity and ability to be in navy, the commander office may seek an exemption from the rules from Naval High Command.

There were around have been an average or 3-6 people at each navy tryouts over the last few days. This means that unfortunately with all navy slots being full only the people that are considered to be the best fit for the regiment get accepted. The Commander carrying out the tryouts thought  that with limited slots available you would not be the best fit for navy. Your age is one of many factors that contributes to your acceptance into navy. You are more then welcome to tryout in future. However, the Recruitment policy has always been there and was there the previous 2 times you were in navy. The current Commander is within his right to choose not to let you in. 

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6 hours ago, Cody said:

anyone under the age of 13 would be denied unless the commandeering officer doing tryouts felt they do have the maturity and ability to be in navy

Going of what Cody said and speaking from personal experience, there is a HUGE correlation between age, and maturity.

Now don't take this the wrong way! i'm not saying that young people are not mature! What i am saying is that people under the age of say 13, are 95% of the time much less mature than say someone the age of 15.

Although it seems a touchy subject, maturity is just one of those things that most of the time will gradually be acquired over the years with personal social developments, and experiences. 

If i cast my mind back to say a 5 year younger me, I am embarrassed and bash my head against walls thinking about some of the things i did which were outright immature and childish. However, with even just a few years, I have changed my mentality towards various subjects drastically.

Here are a few examples:

My first game on a computer: SWBF 2 2005, the concept of multiplayer was alien to me and i only played engineer class because he had a shotgun and that was the only weapon i could hit something with. I just spammed commands when i first discovered multiplayer because i had no idea how to talk and players got INCREDIBLY annoyed at me.

Playing servers on Minecraft: The next year and i had kind of sort of gotten my head around multiplayer. But I would ball my eyes out if a friend touched my house with TNT doing easily fixable damage.

Productions: I once auditioned for a musical and i got the main part. And i was such a self righteous little bastard about it that i try to remove the existence of the production from my mind entirely.


All these traits and qualities of myself that i now hate were lost only due to the passing of time.

And if i seem a bit harsh with my conclusion of age and maturity, almost the whole of IG has had to pass the point you're at @Dracks. And if it makes you feel better about the situation, the Gmod community from my experience was MUCH more hostile towards younger people say 4-5 years ago.

Admins across multiple servers would straight up mute me because i had a high pitched voice when I played darkRP

If i called a Traitor out in TTT, the response i'd receive would IMMEDIENTLY be "KYS you Twelvie fag" You shortly followed by "Hey, lets kill him next round" to which point i will be killed faster than you could say "Well that sucks!"

I would be harassed on sandbox servers where people would test out their latest 'Wire spawn killing' machine on me because they wanted to see my reaction because i sounded young.

It would get to the point where there were only 4 possible servers you could ever play on because they were the only servers who supported and brought justice for younger people...at least when an admin WAS on.


Although i do think that a tryout should be more based towards maturity than age, I am just pointing out that maturity will ALWAYS be gained in strides with age.

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Personally, discrimination towards certain individuals based on age is pathetic. Hornet is correct, age doesn’t = maturity (think of me) but younger people are typically less mature than older people.

Also the minimum age to use steam is 13. (According to ToS)

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I do believe age should not matter when doing a tryout for a regiment but as Cody has said Navy has super strict guidelines to the point where many people can not handle it. I understand that denying someone from joining a regiment (trooper regiment) by their age is completely wrong due to the fact that we have multiple community members that are younger than others but I will agree that Navy & Government should and do deny younger members of the community for that reason alone.

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