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Waypoint system

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So I've mentioned this in the past to my fellow peers but I never actually went into detail with it, but after an event that Pinejack ran yesterday, I decided to make a post about it. What I'm suggesting is a waypoint system for events that would allow staff to use their tools guns to spawn in a waypoint that can be seen throughout the entire map. The waypoint would include the following:

  • Be able to be spawned in with a tool gun
  • Change the colors of the waypoint
  • Delete the waypoint using the tool gun
  • Be able to add a description, so you would see a circle or something colored blue and inside it would say "Imperial Base"
  • Be a square or circle, maybe change the shape

An Idea I did have in case the development team didn't want it to be created using a tool gun would rather to use the current Capture Base props and do something with those. Just a basic, somewhat vague suggestion, if anyone would like to add anything that would be much appreciated. 

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On 7/14/2018 at 4:13 AM, Eclipse said:

+1, maybe make it act like a king of hill, so rebels/enemies can capture it? 

Though I have never played King of Hill, I understand what you're getting at here though this isn't what I'm suggesting. I'm going to provide a very shitty analogy for what I'm suggesting. Basically, I'm suggesting an advanced and cooler flare gun. One that can be used to mark locations around the map for players. Though I like what you're suggesting and if that can be implemented that would be very cool.

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If we were able to get this added it would be incredible for events but I think a good tweak is that you can edit it so certain regiments can see it, For an example; Event Masters can place down waypoints so that the Event Characters will be able to see where to go but other troopers will not be able to see it.

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