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H.R.B.S Brought to you by Breach Inc.

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Hyper Realistic Breach Simulation 

Breach Inc. would like to proudly announce that H.R.B.S is ready for deployment throughout the Imperial Army. Bringing the latest in simulation technological advancements as well as the cutting edge in military tactics. H.R.B.S is a fully contained unit built from the ground up. It focuses on providing troopers with essential breaching expertise especially in the field of hostage situations. Please preview a sample walk through provided below. With plentiful amounts of hyper realistic decor, hostile targets and friendly V.I.P targets. If YOU are interested contact Breach Inc. at the following address.


Breach Inc.

If you are interested in any custom made training courses contact our head engineer CPL 62SKT Tank. 



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34 minutes ago, Mauler said:

the massive font gives me eyes cancer 

Stop being inactive



Also very cool Tank, ❤️

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This looks like an unauthorised buisy was selling military goods and or service. I don't know about you, but in the Bureau that is called arms dealing. Agents have been dispatched. Run.

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