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Introduction :)


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Hey all,

Its me again. Since my resignation from an alternative server, due to (in my opinion) poor management, I have decided to come here, to play casually. 

In saying that, my original leaving of this server was (now ultimately known) of poor reason that numerous people have brought to light, including JD, who was screwed over. 


In light of the lies spread by Caboose, formulating one of the main reasons why the server came to existence,  for what I have done personally, which I believed what they had said. 


Therefore, here is my apology, and my introduction. I am not begging for forgiveness or sympathy, but instead seeking redemption from you all. I am sure that I am hated by lots, and loved by others, but here I am. I am not currently banned, therefore I will be casually playing on the server. 


I thank you for your time, feel free to talk to me. 

All the best,

Louise J. /Maxine (In-game name)


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1 hour ago, Maffa146 said:

@Kix @Splonter

The downvote? 

Sorry I hurt your knees. I'll get some knee pads for Robinson :) 

Everyone is entitled of an opinion towards one another, whether it be positive or negative. With that said, take your drama somewhere else, it doesn't need to be seen here.

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