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I personally feel that Ig-88 would be a good edition to star wars rp as I feel he could make new rp chances with his rival Boba fett. Forced to be working together when under the contract of the empire. This could add more rp for myself and Boba and could lead to more fun in the future.

Weapons I think Ig-88 should have would be lore friendly as best as it can be. Having a pulse cannon, dlt-20, flamethrower and a jet pack to get to high places to best utilize my sniping skills being a sentient assassin droid. 

There is only one model for ig-88 but it seems good https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925847245&searchtext=ig+88

I could pay what you'd want for this role

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Sounds like you just want an over-powered role on the server. A DLT-20, Flamethrower, Jetpack and a Pulse Cannon. To my knowledge they aren’t accepted custom donation jobs (as wel as the fact that that model is quite low quality).

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