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Allucious' Advertisement Team Application (Flimer)

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What is your Steam name?:

[IG] Allucious

What is your current in-game name?:

[ARC] Allucious

What is your current in-game rank?:


What is your current playtime on the server?:


What is your current overall playtime on Garry's Mod?:

I currently have 1,417 hours of Garry's Mod overall playtime.

Do you have a microphone?:

No, I do not have a microphone, Although I'm a fast typer.

Do you have any kicks, bans or warnings from anywhere on Imperial Gaming?:

No, I currently do not have any Kicks, Ban or warnings on any of Imperial Gaming's server.

Why do you believe you would be an asset to the team?:

I can get my tasks done properly, I always look out for my mistakes and willing to fix it. I'm willing to help the members of the team whenever they ask. I've been recording since I was young, Even though if it's for entertaining I've gained some experience from it.

Do you understand that as a member of the advertisement team, you may have to put in long hours into various projects?:

Yes, I do understand that I have to put in long hours into various projects and I'm willing to do it.

How well do you work with others in a team?:

I can work with anyone, I'm willing to. I'm a friendly guy and that working as a team wouldn't affect me at all. 

How much time can you offer to the team in an average week?:

I'm online every day, I can give as much time as the team would like. I'm really active and I can get my tasks done properly.

  Is there anything else you would like to add?:

Thank you for taking your time to read my application, I wish others applicants the best of luck, Thank you.


What software do you use to record?:

I'm currently using Action! for recording, And OBS for Streaming through youtube.

How much experience do you have with filming?:

I have been recording Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a year ago, Making videos about it. Although I have removed all the videos, If you wish to see my channel, Please message me through private messages.

What other software do you use to aid with recording?:

I've been using Action! and OBS only, I used to use Fraps but It's not as good as Action!, So I stopped using it and uses Action! instead.

Have you recorded things in the past? If so, please link them here.:

Yes, I've recorded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos and uploaded onto youtube, Although I've removed it already. But I can show you my recording experience.

Why do you want to become a filmer?:

I wish to become a flimer because I know how to record videos as I've recorded and edited some videos before. I wish to help the advertisement team with its works and projects, making sure that I'm doing as much as I can and I wish to use my talents on recording to benefit the Community.  I also enjoy recording and making videos and this would benefit the team, As I won't get bored of it quickly. I'm willing to help the team and I would do my best at doing my job. I've been recording myself playing games since I'm young, Although I don't really post it on youtube, It's just for entertaining.



By submitting this application, I understand that I am a representative of the Imperial Gaming Community and that my actions both as a part of this community and within other communities may affect the results of this application. I understand that advertising this application in any way may result in an instant denial of the application. I understand that if this application is denied, I must wait a minimum of two weeks before applying again. I understand that once this application is posted, I must wait seven days after the last reply in order to bump the post unless it is to notify players of a significant update. I understand that I may not respond to my own application unless it is a notification of updated information and that any form of argument within this application may result in instant denial of the application and punishments may be handed out. I understand that if I am accepted for this role that it is not an actual staff rank and that I will gain no benefits resulting from this new position. I understand that I must notify the chain of command if I will be absent for more than five days and that I must organise my projects to progress even if I am not present to oversee them. 


Edited by Allucious
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6 minutes ago, Morgan said:

You forgot one

Won’t provide a rating yet



Oh, I'm sorry. I'll fix it right now.




Edited by Allucious

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7 hours ago, Ramirez said:

+1. Allucious would be a great addition to the team


Goodluck Allucious


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Allucious deserves it for being a mate and making a good application. He is ethical, conscientious and agreeable so he will do well.



Edited by Proto_Carl

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