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Joel's PAC3 apllication V2


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What is your In-game name:

 Captain 2264 - Joel [212th]

Steam ID:


Steam link:


Play time:

1W5D+ before reset

7D6H+ after reset

Have you used PAC Before:

I have used pac 3 on the server before aswell as in single player but unfortunately lost it for going inactive for school work.

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

 I believe that I should be trusted with Pac because as of writing this I have not received a single warn, kick or ban showing that I can be trusted with not breaking rules or guidelines when it comes to Pac and using it wisely. Another reason I should be trusted with Pac would be because I am a really active player with almost all days since I joined  I have been on for about 3-4 hours a day except for several occasions and holidays I had to take and the before mentioned school break I had. My final reason that I should be trusted with Pac is because I have used a similar modeling software to Pac  that uses an almost identical way of modelling to Pac and I have also used pac on the server before and have never abused it.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

  I would like to be able to use Pac on Imperial gaming as I have used and enjoyed it on the server I think quite well before and I also believe now that I will be able to improve roleplay for others and myself as I am now a support class and would be able to use my previously created backpack to get medical supplies. I also would like to get to use it again as when I was using it to create my pacs I enjoyed learning it and it taught me quite a bit about modelling as well.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I believe I deserve Pac as I am a player that follows the rules and plans to do so for the rest of my time on the server however long that shall be, I am an active player playing more about 3-4 hours for almost every day since I joined the server, I never minge, I have used it before on Imperial gaming and I would also believe I deserve it to help create RP for others and myself when they are bored in the quiet hours and have nothing to do.

Examples of Pacs I have previously created:


212th Support PAC I made


Visor & Little shoulder antenna I created to reference captain rex


A backpack I made myself from props 


Medic/support Symbol I added to the Pauldron (its yellow because bodygroups aren't working on 212th troopers)


Inquisitor tryout PAC I made when I was Eighth Brother


A Hologram I made in inquisitors as well as an arm brace/mini computer


Backpack I used for 212th for inquisitors with lightsaber in a netting pouch



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Joel is a kind, active member of the community with an exceptional ability to RP and hold himself to a high standard.

I think he deserves to have PAC3 tier 1

p.s You need to add a picture to support what you claim your playtime to be

Good Luck!

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I have updated my current 212th pac changed some materials and stuff for more read the spoiler V V



Front view you can see I've changed the models colour sin some areas and added a  line to the model's leg. You may also see a mini computer on my wrist I will talk about later.


Back view you can see I have added a back cape and the 212th weapons to the back of the baclpack and to my waist. Also the materials for the backpack has been updated.

All weapons can be dispersed from backpack using events.




Added a hologram emitting from the computer when I type using events.



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