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Taking a break from IG


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Hello, you may know me, Or may not know me, But my name is Allucious.

I will be taking a break for a week or more, I've been facing a lot of issues recently. 

Some of the real-life issues and some of in-game issues, Which almost leads me to have "depression".

I would like to thanks to Frank, Carnifex and Zaspan for helping me and talked to me with the current situation. I really appreciate it, Thank you.

A lot of stuff has been tough for me recently, I've been depressed for a while now, I'm sorry to whoever I've been a dick with recently.

The reasons stated above makes me think that I should take a break from the server. 

I would like to thank those people I listed below.

@Emerald Thanks for being a really nice friend, I really appreciate it.

@Azura Thanks for helping me when I was depressed, You're a really great friend.

@Rickle Thanks for helping me with stuff in Sith, I really appreciate it.

Everyone in Shock/Riot for helping me with everything, You all have been really kind to me.

@Adam Thanks for being a great lad, Such meme.

@Joel Good old lad, Thanks for everything. Have been with me for a really long time.

@Peguin Great Commander, Thanks for being a good friend(meme).

And everyone I forgot to list, Thank you for everything.

See you all in like 1-2 weeks or so.

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