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Taking A Break From The Server


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Helloo , Most Of You Might Know Me , Most Of You Might Not Welp Im Just Writing This Topic In Order To Say That Im Taking A Break From The Server  And That I Have Stepped Down From My Position As Vanquisher From Marauders I Might Still Return To The Servers From Time To Time But Just Not As Much . Not Sure How Long The Break Is Gonna Be But Yeah .

Being In The Server Created Great Memories And Experiences For Me , Hopefully People Don't Forget Me After The Long Break :/

But Here's A List Of People That I Have Enjoyed Being With And Had A Great Time Roleplaying With Them :) 

  • Bob De Great Medic
  • Rickle The Loyal
  • Pickle The Jokester (in a good way :))
  • Marlin De Gud Roleplayer
  • Zaspan The Serious But Gud Guy 
  • Iris The Great Pal
  • Pinejack De Lit Boi
  • Helsing The Worthy
  • Emerald The Pac God And Bud
  • Pavonis De Teacher And Pal (for teaching me how to fly :D )
  • Ramirez The Cool Guy (for letting me into the reg despite me being new)

PS: If You Guys Aren't In The List Does Not Mean I Didn't Enjoy Being With You Just That I Had Better Experiences With Them Or I Might Have Just Forgotten To Add  Your Name :/

Well Thats The End Of My Topic , Hopefully I Can Still Meet Ya Guys After My Break Ends :D

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Mythical ill miss you buddy, you will always be my favourite commander, never forget you. ❤️ you welcomed me into sith, and you were a great teacher and leader, cant wait till you come back from your break and you can join marauders again lol.

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