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Lucifer's T-MOD Application


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Steam Details

Steam Name: ✪ Lucifer

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:210216510

Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198380698749

In Game Details

In Game Name: Hades

In Game Rank: Instructor

In Game Regiment: Shadow Guard

Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):


Applicants History & Reasons

Have you had any warns (If so state them): No

Have you had any bans (If so state them): No

Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them):
Sentinel community -  Community Supervisor (Shut down around one week ago)

What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server:
A moderator is someone who moderates the server and make sure that everyone who plays on the server are enjoying their time and stay on the server and also helping to keep the server going without much disruption from people who minges, RDMing, racism etc. Being a moderator also has other things to do like helping other players when they are unsure of something and also be quick to respond to anyone who are asking or in need of help regarding important/server issues.

Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator:
I am applying for this is because I want to help contribute to this community in any sort of way I can either on or off the server. And also hope to give my time to new, old or existing players the help that they needed or they are unsure of something. I want to also give others to have a more enjoyable and fun experience on the server. I have experienced with being a staff member and will be at my best when duty calls. I am also active and can help out the server and lookout for any minging, racism, RDMing or mic spamming players.

What do you believe you can bring to the staff team:
I believe I am a quick learner and I will try to remember and use it properly on what I've been taught about and if I am in doubt of anything or situation I will ask any higher ups on how to solve the problem. I am also good at listening to orders and will try my best to complete it. And also being a role model and activity as a staff to others and fast response to players that needed help with anything. 


Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?:
I would first check the logs of who did mass RDM and if it's the player that did RDM and disconnects, I will find his name and warn or ban him. And telling the higher ups staff about the incident and reason as why I warn or ban the person who mass RDM.

Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?:
I will bring the person who got bullied and ask them for any evidence/proof of him getting bullied by another member of the community. After getting evidence or heard from his side of the story, I will bring the person who is bullying and ask about his story of bullying this person and with evidence/proof. After gathering the evidence and heard both sides of the story, and the person who is bullying lied about it, I would warn him about lying to staff and bullying another player.

You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?:
I will tell them what they are doing is wrong and suggest them to stop before I proceed to talk to the higher ups about this staff abusing their power. If they ignore everything i say and continue abusing their power, I will take video/screenshot and will wait till any higher ups come on and tell them about some staff that is abusing their power and give them the proof/evidence about it.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?:
I would take a screenshot of it if it's written in chat and video about it and tell the high management of someone is threating to DDOS the server and let them handle it from there.

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- You are active

- Never got a chance to see around

- Application lacks detail. Remember this application shows how much you are willing to put in order to become a mod. So try to add more details.


Good luck,


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