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[Resolved] Recruits are invisible


Unsure as to why, but the problem resolved itself overnight during a driver update. If anyone has the same problem it's possibly corrupted graphics drivers.  




Recruits show up as completely invisible for me. No missing texture stuff, no error, just nothing there. I can see their names above them like usual but the model is missing. Doesn't happen with anything else, just recruits. It's been that way since I started, I was invisible on my first day for third person and as soon as I was switched to storm trooper I could see myself. Still couldn't see other recruits.  

stuff I've tried so as not to waste your time:

-downloading !content
-deleting all workshop items/addons and maps; re-downloading them, unsubscribing them, disabling and re-enabling  them etc. 
-Double checking options to ensure server content can be downloaded 
-Reinstalling garry's mod completely
-verifying game cache

Maybe if somebody sent me the file recruit is kept in so I can put it in the addons folder myself? idk. 
any help would be greatly appreciated.  ¯



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