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Ban Request - ST PVT Bepsi

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Player Name: Storm Trooper Private Bepsi

STEAM ID STEAM_0:0:148175369

Date: 16/06/2018

Possible Witness's:

                                    > Vin Northal

                                    > Kamelieon

                                    > HK-47 

Probably a couple others aswell, However I am unable to remember who else.

What Happened:

It was about 12:58AM, We were all in Main Hangar 1 and there were no staff online at the time, This is when most of the ST's started to RDM and do some pretty dumb stuff, Well one of them named ST PVT Bepsi, Came into MH1 and started to attempt to RDM and along with that, He started to shout the 'N' Word and started to be really disrespectful to everyone.

                                    > Attempted RDM.

                                    > Shouting racial slurs.

                                    > Disrespecting others.

                                    > Just being mingy in general.

Proof of Racism:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4GFZ9i2AHo&feature=youtu.be  (May not be a major offence to some, However I myself personally don't tolerate Racism.)


I then politely asked for him to stop it, However he did not listen and just continued with it all.

I'm not asking for a permanent ban or anything like that, But I would like that, However I do know that racism and RDM is not tolerated and am simply asking for this to be dealt with.

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