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Cashy PAC3 Tier1 Application


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What is your in-game name, regiment and rank?:  Cad Bane (Cashy)

SteamID 76561198148525265

Steam Linkhttp://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198148525265/

In-Game playtime 2 week gametime 

What is your experience with PAC? i have many hours of experience of using pac3 i have spent many hours experimenting and designing pac3 outfits  

Why should you be considered for PAC?: I believe i should be trusted with PAC3 because throughout  all my time on the sever i have never been warned or been talk to anything bad. I should also be trusted with PAC as I have never abused any of my privileges I believe that PAC is a important way to make your character more RP related also I should be considered due to me being apart of the starwarsrp community for a long time as ive had over 500 hours on starwarsrp.I feel like I have established a strong friendship base among the community.I will stay within the limits. I will not create any PAC outfit that could  break serious role play 

What would you like to use PAC for?: i want  PAC3 because it would open up more RP Situation Example a fellow trooper in my Reg ask me what CL lev im  suppose to have  i can RP that situation and pull up my hologram on my wrist and tell him not just ALT TAB and say nothing at all i think situation like them would just open up so more RP path ways. also would just feel more Realistic and cool. I want to enhance my role play on the server, I don’t want to look the same as everyone else and want to be unique and PAC3 does that. i plan to make more actions and expand further making even more animations.I want to add a lot of personality and individualism to my in-game character, something to make me stand out and express my role and would do my best of my ability to create some interesting stuff  




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