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Good Evening Everyone,


On Sunday (10/06/2018) we held our weekly staff meeting. During the staff meeting we had a vote & discussion about the expansion of the community. I put a  proposal for an Arma 3 Star Wars Mil-Sim Server was deliberated on during the meeting. With accompanying documentation outlining the details of the proposed project. The consensus from the staff team was to go ahead with the development of the Arma 3 server.


Thanks to all the prior documentation detailing how things would be set up and run, the development was quickly completed, with the server being ready for testing on Tuesday Night.


all the official documentation was completed on Tuesday night to accompany the proposed mil-sim, however, we have left some key points down to testing to see what the players like and will have a meeting with all the people involved to get their ideas on how to improve the server before we open it up for the public to apply to enter. 


I would like to personally thank the following people for their massive contribution to the development of the server. They promptly had completed the writing up of official documentation, development of the server, set up of server and creation of mission files and continue currently to work through the bugs and other minor issues. So thank you to Cody, Isaiah, Fliqqs, Moose and Anix for their efforts in supporting this project and its development.


Either tomorrow (Thursday 14/06/2018) or Friday (15/06/2018) we will be conducting a private testing of the server with a larger number of players/community members for server stress testing. This will be a private invite only testing. The testing of the server will be followed by an explanation of how the server will work. At the current moment in time, the information that we can release is that it will be a Mil-Sim server (Star Wars Themed) with missions 2-3 times a week (to not conflicting with the main server).


Thank you for reading. More information will follow in the coming days.


Kind Regards,


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8 minutes ago, addamcor said:

We can't even fly ships on gmod...Flying LAATS in ARMA will be...interesting...

At least when you're playing on gmod you can't hit the boost button that makes the LAATs go from 110 km/h to 650 km/h ;) Imagine that

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31 minutes ago, pinejack said:

At least when you're playing on gmod you can't hit the boost button that makes the LAATs go from 110 km/h to 650 km/h ;) Imagine that

No...but we do have that equipped on the speeder bikes...Not to mention its a bit more difficult to accidentally select AND activate the [IMPULSE] Command in ARMA, than instinctively hitting shift on a speeder

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