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Crashes While connecting


Good Evening everyone,

So recently due to me shifting I can't use my PC so i have to use my MacBook Air. When I try to join the server on my mac it crashes my gmod  while it downloads the custom fonts.

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Hi my friend,

If you are crashing when trying to load a certain font on the load menu, here is what you do.

1. We need to locate the font file, because you already have it, it is just corrupted. So, take note of it when loading in if you are still having this issue.

2. Delete the file from your hard-drive. Alternately, you can re-install, just whatever your preference is. Note: You will need the content pack again if you re-install.

3. Downloads this servers version of Star Destroyer.

4. Open GMOD, go to Options>Other> Drop down box and select "Do not download any custom files"

5. Load into the server

A man by the name of @Dallas | Attack Helicopter had this exact same issue, which you can find here. Unfortunately, I did not leave his solve on his post, but when he tried to load into the server, he would crash on a font or he would load in and the screen shots he provided would be what he would see. 

If this does not resolve your issue, let us know for more support.



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