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Appo's Event Master Application

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Steam Name: Appo

Age: ~16

Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? Yes.

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:46327903

In-game name and rank: Operative Appo

Time Played: 5d 5h


Why are you applying for this position?:

I was initially applying for moderator but i figyred there already was an abundance of moderators and a small amount of EMs.

So I am apply for this spot as I believe I have the will power and potential to run events and actively immerse players into the Star Wars Universe they all come on to experience. I have had the opportunity to run events on other servers and through that experience I have learned new techniques to run events, capacity to handle criticism and stress and as well as to beimg able to learn from my mistakes. With the role of Event Master, I will be able to run roleplay events on the base or with different groups of people to help them find their love for roleplay like many of us that already do.

How will allowing you to be a part of our staff team help us?:

If given the opportunity to conduct events on Imperial RP, I would utilise my chance to the fullest. I will actively involve myself with other people's events (assisting them where I can) and other people's roleplay. I will be willing to help run player-based events (that I deem to be appropriate) that could range from some little roleplay on the base and extending up to a campaign on an alien planet. I have a lot of experience with Star Wars RP and ULX (and more) so I will be able to assist other staff that have limited experience with these things.

Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them:

Staffed on Poseidon Servers SWRP for almost a year.

Currently staff on Voxel Servers.

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Event Staff

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Administrator

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Super Administrator

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Head Event Staff

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Head Administrator

  • Poseidon Servers SWRP | Server & Staff Manager (pretty much every staff position)

  • Voxel Servers (Dead server)  | Community Admin/Manager/Founder/Owner


Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them:


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?:

I have had a lot of experience with Star Wars RP events, so I know the do’s and don’ts of the event making process allowing me to be efficient and also effective with my events. I believe I am creative so I will look to creating events that are unique in their way and play out differently to some of the current events. I also like to make my events immersive (where I can, not all the time) as the whole point of SWRP (in my book) is to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. I will also try to create an easy plot line to follow for my events so people can connect the dots between the events I run and actually notice the story behind the missions they undertake giving them another reason to come on and see what happens. With this said, I always look to making my events enjoyable, story-filled and also immersive in the Star Wars universe.


Anything else you would like to add:

I can map, and I am also currently learning Lua. One of my projects being the compass currently on the server and as well as the new E-11D and DT-29 I made.

Here are some pictures of event related things I have run/assisted/supervised/organised on past servers for reference:


Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master:

The Fallen Beast Part 1.

The event in a nutshell.

> Imperials get cocky and send a fleet of Star Destroyers to Tatooine (rp_tatooine_dunesea_v1) to eliminate the remnants of Rebels.

> Generic Rebel Captain and Rebel Troopers there.

> When the Imperials arrive their Comms are instantly cut off and there is a large disturbance in the Imperial frequency channel, Imperials don't care and spread out into dunesea to eliminate the remaining rebels.

> Imperials fail because of the lack of communication (if they do manage to disable them, one still blows up cuz why not).

> EMP devices detonate.

> The whole fleet becomes disabled and you can see each SD dropping from the sky, including Darth Vader's SD.

> Comms are back online, everyone regroups and panicks that Darth Vader's ship just crash landed into the dunesea.

The Fallen Beast Part 2.

> Imperials rush to the crash site (gm_jakku_wreck) and find large groups of Rebels trying to infiltrate the SD and attempt to kill Darth Vader and steal information.

> Imperials get triggered and try to gun as many of them down as they can outside of the ship (Rebels crawling all over the ship).

> Higher-Ups request for the troopers to split into two groups and enter the SD.

Find ISB officers.

> Rebel special forces have cloaks and snipers, try to pick out the officers and troopers where possible.

> Terror Troopers and Shadow are tasked to fight the Special Forces.

> ISB and DT are tasked to find the Intelligence Officers.

> Vader's Fist and Shock are tasked to find Vader with Navy.

> Rest are tasked to find the rest of the officers and defend them as they escort them outside.

> Imperials rescue Darth Vader and more than 5 officers, Rebels get no information and fail.

> Imperials rescue Darth Vader and less than 5 officers, Rebels get information and a continuation event will happen another day.


That's the two events in a nutshell.

I will add more as deemed necessary. I didn't want to write a lot for my event ideas as it's hard to follow and gets messy.


Thanks for Reading my Application.

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+1 Pretty self explanatory. Appo has proven to be a responsible player on the server along with being a great roleplayer. The events he has written are quite well structured and organised (but they have room for improvement) and I think he would make a good addition to the staff team.

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Damn Appo you sure took your time to apply XD.

Jokes aside.

Ever since you have joined ISB, you have done nothing but find ways to RP (Even though you get locked up sometimes while doing so). You've actually made events that were actually quite enjoyable even though you weren't an Event Master. Your Knowledge of Lore is unquestionable. Your RP is Great. And right now reading your event/s, it's a lot different from most other events, unlike the ones now it's a lot more practical, there are more things the troops have to take into account, there's more action, more roles for each trooper to play, scouts (or some other reg) gets to transfer messages, Navy and ISB get to give out orders without having a spam in comms, each regiment are tasked to do one specific thing, basically it's not just every single regiment rush in, kill whoever you see, get out, woohoo mission done. Each regiment gets to use their own skill and role to do what their Regiment was made to do instead of feeling like just normal ST's which is what I think is missing in the events nowadays. There is nothing in the world I would like to see more than you becoming event master and seeing what other creative events you will be making in the future.

It's a phat +1 from me.

I can't recommend Appo enough

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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. 

Some stupid person decided to get onto my account (no idea how) and -1 rep all of your posts, change my avatar and my applicaton to look cancerous.

So yeah...

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+1 - Interesting examples of events which would easily be adaptable to a campaign or lengthy event. It is great to see that you have identified certain tasks to be performed by different regiments. Only minor thing to criticise is that if you leave part 2 off where it is I doubt you would continue on from it the next day due to other different events being issued in between. (Just leaving it there would be fine.) OT: Good App. & Good Luck.

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+1, you are a great roleplayer and your previous events (although you were not event master) were really good. So this leads me to believe that you would suit this role well.

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback, really appreciaye it. I'll be adding another event idea some time.


I won't be able to access my computer until Monday so I won't be on.

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I could've sworn I plus oned this already. It was probably the Forums issue that we had but oh well, here it is again. In my opinion, Appo is definitely fit for the position of Event Master. He is very experienced and knows what he's doing when it comes to pretty much anything in Garry's Mod (You'll find that out when you get to know him). You'll also find that he is very kind and respectful to anyone no matter the rank. 

Good Luck.


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Food Ideas, Effort is everywhere. You outlined everything pretty clearly. Good Job. Would be happy to have you apart of the Event team!

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