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Regional Government - Recruiting

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Hello Everyone,

The Regional Government is looking for applicants to fill in one Secretarial Position within the Regional Government. If you are interested in any of the following then you may want to consider applying for a role in the Regional Government:

  • Passive Roleplay.
  • Secretarial Tasks.
  • Serving the Grand Moff.
  • Handling Financial Costs .
  • Handling official documentation .

All who do apply should remember that this is a Passive RP role and holds less combat situation then other regiments. If you want to learn more about the Regional Government and what we do follow the link here: rank and duties.

To apply for Regional Government please view the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/30Tk0VNpw1i4Cy5V2 (ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON)

If you have any questions about Regional Government, Do not hesitate to contact one of our Secretaries.

If you feel your application has not been responded to in a timely fashion let our secretaries know.

Kind Regards,
Chief of Staff Kelly

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8 minutes ago, Crisp said:

Handling Financial Costs .

*cough* betting Navy's budget on an ST fight *cough*


9 minutes ago, Crisp said:

Serving the Grand Moff.

You mean; GrandMopMoffMa?

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