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Steam Game Giveaway #5

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Hello members of Imperial Gaming, it's time for yet another steam game giveaway. I was going through some random .txt documents on my laptop today and found about 30 unused steam game codes so I thought I would give them away. I will be giving away games in two different ways. I have a bunch of codes that require another game to have been redeemed, and because I don't want to go through them all, I will list them all below for anyone to use if they have the game required. The second set of games I will be giving away to the first 10 people that post a screenshot of their character on the server is a series of locations (ALL).

  • At the Engine Room Checkpoint doing the 'Salute' animation (act salute).
  • In the Mess Hall watching a video on the TV whilst doing the 'Laugh' animation (act laugh).
  • Standing on top of the Star Map outside of the Bridge Checkpoint doing the 'Agree' animation (act agree).
  • Sitting on top of the ship claw that is used to move a TIE Fighter from TIE Bays to Main Hangar 02 (can be controlled from MH2 Control Room).

Good luck to all :) 

Games Remaining:












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