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Kir Kanos’ Re-Application


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Name In-game:

Kir Kanos

Teamspeak Name:


Playtime on the server:

3w+ (before update)

5 days (after update)



Programming languages you know:

c++ (Fluent), scratch (competent), LUA (Fluent), JavaScript (competent), Python (Fluent), HTML (Learning)

Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev?

The reason why i would like to become a low grade developer is because I am experienced in codeing  especially for gmod as I have been doing it for 1-2 years. The reason why I started codeing is because it is very fascinating and challenging to do. Recently with all these big updates coming to IG and the recent post made by martibo I decided to re-apply with the feedback that I have gotten on my previous application. With me returning to IG to stop developing my old server I haven’t gotten a chance to start codeing again but this is an opportunity I would like to take so I can start codeing and helping the server in any way I can.


This position allows me to be directly to be involved in the development of custom content for the server

Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about?

I haven’t made any unique scripts but I have made little things for python 
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11 minutes ago, Fish said:

I can do it but I am not the best but I am willing to learn it if it’s a requirement 

I mean it is a Garry's Mod server and most things in Garry's Mod are coded in Glua so.......

NEUTRAL for the moment.

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