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Developers Needed - LINK

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We've got some great Ideas for IG's future we just need people to help make it happen. Our current Development team is fairly busy planning our future updates and creating more efficient systems than the ones currently in place. What we are looking for is a few talented developers to help us have time to do the things we need to do if know how to code but don't fully understand the language give it a try you'll be surprised by how much support I personally give to assist our developers with things they need. In addition to that your services will be acknowledged (You can get a custom physgun color) if you can complete tasks given to you. 

Below is a link to the Development Application, feel free to fill it out if you think you can do it.

Applications are always open and we are always happy to accept new applicants with varying amounts of coding experience.

Apply in this thread


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Just now, Martibo said:

That was only the first week until I bea... I mean assisted you to become the man you are today.

<22:53:25> "Martibo.": ./me abuses golith cause his a bad dev hehe

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