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Warning: What you are about to read is in RP. It cannot be taken into RP unless you take the data pad of Storm Trooper Officer Cadet 8754 Wombat (Which is quite impossible because he hides his Datapad within his arm). 

Name: Wombat



Imperial rank: Officer Cadet

Birth place: Corusant

Information: Wombat is an Officer Cadet of the Imperial Amry and has served 12 years so far. He was born on Corusant and went to the best Imperial Academy Corusant had to offer. During his earlier years of training he showed talents that others didn’t have and was extremely efficient on the battle field. His Imperial advisor saw this talent and pulled him out from the regular squad of recruits and placed him into an elite hand picked group called Trident Squad. He trained for months on end and finally became an elite storm trooper in the Imperial Amry.

Trident Squad was built up of many members but the leaders were the 3 best Troopers. Wombat made up one of those spots. After a few missions Wombat became Squad leader after being chosen by the squad members. (At this point the Squad has taken out 23 Rebel outposts without any causalities) Trident Squad started to develop a name for them selves being the most efficient strike team task force in the Imperial Amry. 

Trident Squad was always picked for the hardest missions and dangerous mission because they were the most efficient and skilful squad the Empire had at its disposal on the planet of Corusant at the time. Trident Squad received the mission details as soon as they got back from destroying a Rebel base containing 3 Mon Cals, 14 Blockade runners and over 1000 Rebels. They did this with 8 self modified Star destroyers and over 1500 men. They hit the Rebels where they least expected it and they had the element of surprise. (At this point Trident Squad took on a lot Casualties due to the missions becoming more dangerous)(This is where Trident Squad is today on the timeline)


After they completed a further 60 missions they were called in by the Emperor who was aboard the Death Star at the time and were given their final mission for the empire. During their mission the Death Star and the Emperor were destroyed so Trident Squad disbanded and became spy’s within the Rebel core.

I will most likely add more to this in future as Trident Squad slowly becomes an elite squad within the ST Core.

Also for anyone who didn’t know I am the only Trident Squad Member in-lore aboard the current Star Destroyer we’re on right now. The rest of Trident Squad is on other Star destroyers taking on different missions to help the Empire.

Thanks for Reading if you did ;) 


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1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

most hardest

Were not picked for being grammatically correct. 


1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:


1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

They hit the Rebels where they leased expected it 


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1 hour ago, Mauler said:

The point of a backstory is to actually be the character (or have a relationship with the Character). Wasted my brain capacity.

I did my Backstory at the start and then went into what I was involved in. Did I go to in-depth with the Trident Squad? I will be adding more to my character in-future thanks for letting me know.

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