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Hi, Hello, Nice Seeing You Again...

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Yeah so I kinda died a long while ago around when my Gmod broke itself so that's why I kinda disappeared off the server. Some of you OG Imperial Gaming peeps may remember me I was that one Nova trooper who stood there like 12hrs a day at the checkpoint, but anyways I'm thinking about trying to get my gmod to work again and potentially re joining the server. Just curious if the maps changed from the Star destroyer at all and if Anyone would be willing to show a pal around when I do rejoin.


I also now do Graphic design work and some good ones at that so if any of you are needing some GFX work done HMU.




(OG Peeps will remember my obnoxious Forums replying 24/7 with the cheers at the end XD)

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Hey man, good to see you again!

We're on the Star Destroyer, of course, and we've gone through a big update so everything looks very different. But you'll fit right back in I bet!

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