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Keta - Trial Moderator Application


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-1 Can't throw grenades without hitting friendlies in the head with it!

JK. Anyways, over the few weeks I've been a part of this community, I've had great RP experiences with you on both IG's Garry's Mod server & the ARMA III MilSim server. I've seen your capability to RP properly and your understanding of the rules, as well as seeing that you are actually a RETIRED staff member shows that you have previously been trusted as staff and I see no reason why you shouldn't be again. 

  • Well known & Trusted by myself and others.
  • Shown capability and love for rich RP
  • Past experience as staff on this server
  • More than qualified for staff

Due to all of the above reasons, I am happy to give you a HUGE +1

Good luck with your application buddy ✌️

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